Creatine Loading Phase & Other Methods To Super Charging

Creatine loading can help creatine work more effectively and faster.  When you load creatine and stack it with r-ALA you’ll have much better results.

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Creatine has been around since the mid-1990’s.  I remember when I started my first creatine loading phase, dang did that stuff work wonders.  I swore I must have added 5lbs of muscle and 20 lbs to my bench in a matter of weeks.  People we’re going crazy for the stuff.  Since then, the supplement industry has taken a great supplement and made it 10 times worse.  Not only that but people have no idea how to take creatine.

Here is the creatine loading phase when you start taking it.

Creatine Loading Phase

1)  3 to 5 grams (1 tsp) 4 times per day for five days.

2) On day 5, use only once per day.  One tsp per day.


1) [clickToTweet tweet=”Do not use caffeine when taking creatine. caffeine seems to negate the effects of creatine.” quote=”Do not use caffeine when taking creatine. It is for 100% certain that caffeine seems to negate the effects of creatine.”] Therefore be careful not to consume caffeine WITH creatine.  Many times supplement companies will make their pre-workout supplements with creatine and caffeine together.  Very dumb.

How to supercharge your creatine.

There are proven ways to make creatine work better.  Here is a list of a few ways.

1)  Consume massive amounts of carbs cheap carbs like dextrose and maltodextrin.

The old school method is to combine a high GI carb like dextrose or maltodextrin with creatine.  Back in the day, those geniuses, over at Muscletech, made a supplement called Cell-tech that contained 75 grams of dextrose and about 5 grams of creatine.  They gave it a fancy name too…something like osmotic acceleration technology.  However, nothing could be further from scientific.  Muscle-tech just tossed in cheap dextrose with cheap Chinese creatine.  When my company used to customize protein powders and supplements, I made the same thing and sold it for $4.00 a pound.  Muscle-tech sent me a letter from their lawyer threatening to sue me because their formula was patented or some bullshit like that.  But anyway, this is a good way to be VERY unhealthy.  I mean seriously?  Consuming 75 grams of dextrose at once?  No way.  I don’t recommend that.  However if you want to make creatine work better, this will do the trick.

2) Combine creatine with Peptopro and/or Hydrolyzed 520.  We know that Peptopro can increase insulin response thus making creatine work better.  You want to use about 1/4 cup of Peptopro, 1 tsp of 520, 1 tsp of creapure and toss in whatever carbs you want.  Whether it is something like dextrose or Gatorade or something healthier like blended fruits and veggies.  Or you can even use my Oatmuscle.

3) Stack creatine with alpha lipoic acid.  This is one of my favorite supplements that nobody seems or use or most people have forgotten about.  Not only that but it has some research behind it that shows stacking ALA with creatine and carbs will make it work better.

Here are some of the studies.

creatine loading phase

creatine loading phase

Ok so what kind of ALA is the best.  As I always preach, you must when buying supplements know where the product comes from.  If not you’re getting Chinese krap.  In this case the ONLY ALA to buy is this one from Geronova Research.

In conclusion, if you want to see some serious muscle gains and some noticable differences combine my Oatmuscle, with my creapure, and my r-ALA.

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