Creatine Made In The U.S.A, Flavored Protein, & More

Last week I discussed a bunch of stuff regarding protein powders and creatine. This week the test results of the creatine monohydrate should be in.

#greenscreen my creatine monohydrate is USA manufactured. If you want to compare, creatine, and hydrate to my creatine, the only question to ask is what is the DHT DCD levels. Don’t be fooled by supplement company BS. The only question to ask is what is the DHT and DCD impurity levels.#creatine

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Replying to @Joe without Bo the truth about the protein #proteinfactory #wheyprotein

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#stitch with @RyanhumistonUSK casein is a great protein powder. If you buy a high-quality casein protein powder, you will not have digestive issues. This person is completely wrong.#caseinprotein

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Replying to @King #greenscreen WRONG!! Flavored protein powder is a scam!! #wheyprotein

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