Does Whey Protein Cause Hair Loss?

I have to address one of the dumbest things I have heard about whey protein in a long time.

Does whey protein cause hair loss?

A customer sent me a video of some doctor on Youtube saying how whey protein results in hair loss.

Her analogy was this.

Whey protein ISOLATE, not concentrate, has high levels of BCAA’s. BCAA’s raise testosterone levels, and high levels of testosterone increase DHT, and DHT promotes hair loss.

does whey protein cause hair loss
No, whey protein does not cause hair loss.

Let’s count the ways this so-called Dr. is wrong.

First, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate have the same levels of BCAA’s. We are talking a 3-gram difference per serving of isolate vs. concentrate. But that is even stretching it because unless you use a gram scale every time you scoop out the protein powder, you will be getting 5 to 10 grams variation.

Next, there is not one single study that I have found that shows BCAA’s increased testosterone. And even if anyone did find a study, I predict the increase would be insignificant.

Isn’t exercise pretty much the healthiest thing a human can do to fight disease and live longer? Hell, the one study I did find, EXCERCISE increases testosterone more than BCAA supplementation. So, according to this doctor, I guess she thinks that nobody should exercise. Exercise is bad. I guess she thinks you’d be happy fat, no lean muscle mass, a nice head of hair and dead, then alive.

Next, so I guess because whey protein is high in BCAA’s, egg white protein, pea protein, and lentein protein will lead to hair loss as well. Because they too are high in BCAA’s.

I watched her whole video and she comes to the conclusion that men should not exercise if they don’t want to lose their hair.

I have never seen something so idiotic in my life. Talk about misinformation!!! Maybe Youtube should ban her…lol.

Anyway, for the record, whey protein does not cause hair loss. Foods naturally high in BCAA’s do not cause hair loss. Exercise does not cause hair loss.

Hair loss is genetic. If you take drugs, like anabolic steroids, they promote hair loss. (the highly androgenic ones like Anadrol that is).

If you want to PREVENT hair loss, well, good luck..if you do, that would be like finding the holy grail.