Supplement Sheriff Round 2: Dimethylamylamine Testing

This week, the Supplement Sheriff is back and we are testing the DMAA pre workout supplement by Blackstone labs called, DUST EXTREME, for its dimethylamylamine content.  1 3 DMAA is a substance which I feel is an illegal ingredient to be used in a dietary supplements.  The FDA, on their website has called DMAA or 1 3 dimethylamylamine an illegal ingredient.  However that does not stop supplement companies from using it.  And why would it?  They have no fear of the FDA coming down on them like they came down on USP labs.  I wonder how pissed USP labs is that you now have supplement companies like Blackstone Labs putting DMAA into their products?  I know their pain, trust me..

Regardless, in my opinion, this is a dumb move by Blackstone Labs.  #1. I’m guessing that NO insurance company is going to cover this.  If an insurance company does, I’d like to know the premium.  That being said if they don’t have insurance they are literally playing Russian roulette with their company.  One wrongful death lawsuit or injury lawsuit and they are toast!  #2.  If and when the FDA finds out they are going to be knocking on their door.  And that alone will cost them thousands of dollars!

I do NOT recommend DMAA.  It is not anabolic, it won’t help you grow muscle, and it is addicting.  It is not a sports nutrition product.  It’s simply a substance to get you high like methamphetamines or a 400mg dose of caffeine.

Supplement Sheriff Round #2.  Blackstone Labs Extreme Dust.


The Dust Extreme, on the label, says it contains 75 mg of 1 3 dimethylamylamine.  We used a 3rd party lab and here are the results.

Find out whether it PASSED  OR FAILED?  Don’t forget to comment below on which product you’d like us to test next!!

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