Stack Proven To Increase Endurance & Power

Wow, here is one of my stacks I recommended not too long ago that just had a study published on it. (well, not my products exactly, but almost)

Researchers in Spain took about 32 subjects and gave them either citrulline, beetroot powder, or a combination of citrulline and beetroot powder (containing 100 mg of inorganic nitrates). Guess which group performed better? You guessed right, the group that took the stack.

citrulline beetroot powder

Look, if you are an athlete looking to increase power and endurance, this stack is a proven winner. No hype, no B.S. I take my tectanic red and citrulline before I surf or play hockey. Great combo!!

And here is one thing that is always on my mind. Did the researchers use the best ingredients? I feel, in this case, that citrulline peptides would have been a better choice, and I would be curious to know where they got the beetroot powder from.

How To Use This Stack

Take 2 tsp of citrulline peptides and 3 tbs of Tectanic Red 2 hours before activity. Remember do not use mouthwash!!!