New Pre Workout Capsules Now Available

New Pre Workout Capsules Hit The US Market!

New pre workout capsules are now available.  Zynamite is a powerful pre workout capsule that will truly improve your energy and power.  It helps support focus and mental concentration as well.

Zynamite is natural mango tree extract made to replace caffeine.  Caffeine is overused used by athletes and bodybuilders which results in many negative side effects commonly associated with sustained elevated cortisol levels.  Zynamite® works better than caffeine because it delivers focus, quick reaction time, and prolonged mental energy.

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Zynamite® Pre Workout Capsules Benefits

  • Faster onset of the mental trigger
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Focus and concentration
  • No caffeine jitters, nervousness, or anxiety
  • Sustained energy without the highs and lows

How Does Zynamite Work?

Zynamite works similar to caffeine, but without the jitters and nervousness.  Caffeine antagonizes adenosine receptors, Zynamite acts non-selectively to stimulate brain activity.

In a very recent study concluded last year…

pre workout capsules


Truly A New Ingredient

Zynamite is a new ingredient.  And when I say new ingredient I mean a NEW ingredient.  Nothing like it has ever been sold. You won’t find this on any major supplement website, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or anywhere else.

When it comes to new ingredients in the sports nutrition market and the pre workout supplement niche, you rarely see any.  In fact, I cannot remember when the last time I saw a new ingredient come out.  Instead, 99% of supplement companies, pretend to come out with new products when really all they do is rehash old ingredients and say they are new.  Or they combine a bunch of ingredients and try to convince you that they created some special formula.   At we do not do that.  We are always seeking to distribute NEW ingredients to the sports nutrition market.

How To Use

If you want more energy, mental focus, and are trying to burn more fat and calories, you can use Zynamite once or twice a day.  A good stack would be something like 150 mg of Capsimax and 200 mg of Zynamite as your pre workout supplement stack.