What Supplement Companies Are Doing Right Now To Rip You Off

Google, “Best whey protein”, or “guide to protein powder”, or “how to choose the best protein” and you’ll literally find 5,000 article from supplement wanna be’s.  Guys that own supplement online shops, or fitness experts, whom all claim to know about protein powder.  This helps you ZERO percent.  Why?  Because the protein powders sold today are SHIT!  They are all protein spiked one way or another and the companies that own these online shops continue to sell them and don’t have any morals.  So let me provide you with the TRUTH about the scumbags in the protein supplement industry.  Because if you do not read this report, you’ll be consuming shit protein.  So if you want the truth just continue to read.

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Written by Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers is a supplement manufacturing expert. He has been formulating, consulting, and manufacturing dietary supplements since 1998. Alex invented protein customization in 1998 and was the first company to allow supplement consumers to create their own protein blends. Alex helped create the first supplement to contain natural follistatin.

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