Protein Shots Are Useless & Here’s Why

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you are thinking about using protein shots, don’t. They are are completely worthless. ” quote=”If you are thinking about using protein shots, don’t. They are are completely worthless. “]If you are thinking about using protein shots, don’t.  They are are completely worthless.

Protein shots are packaged in vials that usually contain around three ounces of fluid loaded with 42 grams of protein. Some of these even have the description ‘Whey protein’ shot. This is a deception and I’ll tell you why. Not only are these products not 100% whey protein, but I would be surprised to learn if they even had 10 grams of whey protein in them. Just look at the ingredients that I found on one of these so-called ‘Whey Shots’.

•Deionized water •Protein blend; enzymatically hydrolyzed [predigested] collagenic protein isolate.  Notice the first protein ingredient, Collagen Protein.

Collagen Protein, otherwise known as hydrolyzed gelatin, is a nasty protein. It can even cause net protein LOSS in the body. Hydrolyzed collagen comes from a very nasty and disgusting source, animal by-products! It’s commonly extracted from the skin of pigs. Hydrolyzed collagen lacks essential amino acids giving this protein a biological value of ZERO. NADA. ZIP! I highly recommend NOT using these products as they are a complete scam; a rip-off. If you use them, they could even cause you to go into a catabolic state! The supplement company’s that make these products should be ashamed of themselves. Why do they use hydrolyzed collagen/gelatin? Because you cannot make a whey protein RTD with 42 grams of protein in only 3 oz. It is a scientific, physical impossibility. So, scumbag supplement companies use hydrolyzed collagen, sprinkle in a dash of whey.

Bottom Line:  Protein Shots are useless, don’t buy them, don’t use them…they wont help you one bit!

A classic example is Body Fortress sold in Walmart.  It contains collagen protein.  SCAM!!!!

Top 5 Reasons Why Protein Shots Suck.

  1.  The biological value is pretty much ZERO (Whey protein & egg is around 100)
  2. They are a scam
  3. They could actually cause protein loss.
  4. They are sold as a great source of protein when in reality they are useless
  5. Typically hydrolyzed collagen comes from the skin, bone, and hair of pigs!  GROSS!!

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