Free Protein Samples!

Are you someone who wants amazing quality protein powders, but doesn’t want to pay the price? Well, lucky for you, ProteinFactory came up with 5 easy ways to receive your own FREE protein samples! Here they are:

1.) To Receive One Pound of Whey Protein, Complete this Task:

Here is an example of a review on

free protein samples

2.) By Completing this Task, you can Receive 1 Pound of Protein:

  • Write a review for us on any product of your choice.
  • 100-word minimum
  • Must be a verified buyer
  • Bonus! If it includes a picture of you using it, you receive an extra pound of protein!

3.) By Completing this Task, you can Receive 1 Pound of Protein:

  • Create a video testimonial
  • 1-minute minimum
  • Must include the product
  • Bonus! Post video on your FaceBook page with a link attached leading to our website.

4.) To Receive 5 Pounds of Whey Protein, Complete this Task:

  • If you are mentioning our products on your blog or website, attach a link leading to our website.

5.) Receive $100 Worth of Supplement by Completing this:

  • Submit a before and after picture  from using one of our products
  • Must include the product.

After you accomplish one of the tasks above, please send an email to [email protected] for review.  All submissions are not GUARANTEED free protein samples.  You may be asked to modify your submission to our satisfaction.  Upon our satisfaction only, will you get shipped your free protein samples.

Proteinfactory reserves the right to disqualify any submission for any reason whatsoever.  By submitting your review, video, image, or written work, you give us permission to use it any way we wish without notifying you or compensating you in any way whatsoever.