New Podcast: New Products & More

In this podcast I talk about 3 new products and how you can be a tester, using less protein, a supplement you should take every day, the Arnold Classic, & more. 

BTW…here’s an image for all those people and supplement companies that think hydrolyzed collagen is a good quality protein powder. It is GARBAGE!! The ONLY reason it is back being sold is because the profit margins are HUUUUUUGE. As you will see below the score of hydrolyzed collagen is a big fat ZERO!

I just have to laugh at some of these companies. They are actually combing hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein and trying to convince people that it is a good idea to use. Here is a study, that proves hydrolyzed collagen will actually decrease the efficiency of high-quality protein. In other words…don’t be a sheep and consume whatever supplement scammers tell you. Do the research, read my blog posts, and subscribe to my emails. Do not use this krap.