3-Prong Fat Loss Supplement Stack (including a green tea fat burner)

Time to use some supplements to lose fat!  If you do not know by now, I always recommend buying SINGLE ingredients when it comes to fat burners, especially a green tea fat burner, a citicoline fat burner, or a raspberry ketone fat burner.  Meaning you [clickToTweet tweet=”Never ever buy a fat loss supplement that contains numerous ingredients.” quote=”Never ever buy a fat loss supplement that contains numerous ingredients.”] Such as this one.

best green tea fat burner

The reason why you never buy fat loss supplements with numerous ingredients is that you are not getting quality ingredients in these products.  Most of the time you are getting cheap generic versions.  You see, for a supplement company to turn a profit, they need to buy the cheapest ingredients possible and make their product.  However, the high-quality ingredients, such as Teavigo green tea extract is very expensive.  Thus using it in a supplement such as the one pictured above is impossible to do because it would skyrocket the cost of the product and the supplement company would not make a huge profit.  Therefore, the supplement company like the one above will only tell his contract packager to buy the cheapest green tea he can find and put it in his product.  To make it worse, most of the time the supplement company whose name is on the bottle will not do any testing whatsoever to guarantee the green tea or other supplements are actually in the product.

Looking for single ingredients is quite difficult.  Even for a supplement expert like myself.  I go through a lot of steps to find the BEST of that particular ingredient.  In this article, I am recommending three products for fat burning.  They are a green tea extract, a raspberry ketone, and a citicoline product.  I have chosen these three products because they are proven to help you lose weight.  They come from high-quality manufacturers, and have other health benefits besides weight loss, so even if you do not lose the weight you want and become an Instagram bikini model, at least you’ll be healthier on the inside.

My 3-Prong Fat Burning Stack Green Tea Fat Burner

Green Tea Fat Burner

First, I need to find quality ingredients.  In this case, I started with a green tea fat burner extract.  Being that I have been manufacturing supplements for almost 20 years I know of one and I know who makes it.  The brand of green tea is called Teavigo.  It is the highest quality green tea extract you can buy.  It contains almost zero impurities, unlike generic ones that could provide up to 30%, and most importantly is 94% ECGc.  The company that makes it is DSM Nutritionals, and they are a huge Dutch company with offices all over the globe.  I have personally visited their office in New Jersey.

Next, you need to find a supplement company that uses Teavigo ( green tea fat burner).  The one that I feel manufacturers the highest quality green tea fat burner is from Healthy Orgins.  Here is the product.

Healthy Origins Teavigo (94% EGCG) Green Tea , 150 Mg, 60 Count


This is something critical and that I need to stress to you.  You see, DSM is a stand-up company.  They follow the laws of this country in relationship to “CLAIMS” that you can make about a product.  It is ILLEGAL to make product claims that are not true.  False claims are rampant in the supplement industry.  Especially when it comes to weight loss.  DSM has gone through the legal loop holes to make claims that are legal.  Meaning that they claims they make actually HAPPEN!  Here are the claims and benefits of Teavigo.  By the way this does not apply to generic versions.

What the picture below is, is the actual FDA approval to make these claims.  Pretty impressive to say the least.

green tea fat burner

Now you know why I chose Teavigo for my green tea fat burner.  I’m very impressed, and I totally would use this ingredient.

Next, raspberry ketones.

Again the same story holds true for raspberry ketones as it does for Teavigo.  You need to find a good quality manufacturer and then a good quality supplement company that sells it.  Here is the product I recommend.

Healthy Origins Razberi-K Raspberry Ketones Capsules, 300 mg, 180 Count

Remember do not buy generic raspberry ketones.  You have to buy the Razberi-K branded one.

My final product in my 3-Prong fat burning stack is citicoline.  This product is great IF you buy the Cognizin brand.  The amount of studies behind this product is amazing.  You might be wondering how this helps with fat loss.  Well by taking about 1,000 mg per day, it will help give you the power not to eat bad and help support appetite suppression.



Here is the brand of citicoline to buy

Healthy Origins Cognizin Citicoline, 250 Mg, 150 Count


How to put it together

  1. take 2 capusles of Teavigo pre workout
  2. take 1 capsule of Razberi K
  3. take 4 capsules 1 hour pre dinner of Cognizin.

Any questions about fat loss you can always text me.  732-901-9600 or email me.  [email protected]