21 Day Fat Loss Challenge By Madison

Hey everyone. Here’s an awesome component to add to the end of your workouts, especially if you are trying to burn fat!  These workouts are part of my 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge that you can try if you are trying to get into that bikini body shape.

This is a barbell complex! What is a complex? Essentially it is a circuit of lifts using only one piece equipment, without changing the weights. The movements in a  complex are all to be performed without the weight ever leaving your hands.

Complexes work because they are extremely challenging and they increase demand by using so many muscles at once. This increasing your calorie expenditure, increasing fat loss.

If you want to build your own complex all you have to do is pick a piece of equipment (barbell, dumbbell or body weight), pick the exercises and order that makes sense based on your equipment and finally pick a suitable weight to use.

One way I love to do complexes is starting at 10 reps for each movement and working down from there all the way to 1. Give it a try, but be prepared to sweat!

For an extra boost in fat burning effect, I use Capsimax.  Capsimax is a one of a kind stimulant free fat burner.  However, it is very powerful.  It will actually help you burn more calories than you normally would.  Therefore your workouts are much more effective at burning fat.  I take 1 serving of Capsimax about 30 minutes before I workout.  It does not give me jitters.  All it does is help increase my metabolism.

If you have any questions about my 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge feel free to text us at 732-901-9600.