Hemp Protein Vs Whey Protein

Hemp protein vs. whey protein

Hemp protein is a vegetable protein that has a very low biological value.  Many vegan’s think that it is a good protein source but it is not.  Hemp protein manufacturers will not show you a biological value test for hemp protein because they know if they tested hemp protein isolate it would score very low.

Whey protein on the other hand has a very high biological value.  However it is NOT vegan.  If you want a vegan protein, do with rice or pea, instead of hemp protein.

The protein contains Amino Acids, and Branch Chain Amino Acids are the muscle building blocks. Your body won’t be able to repair and build muscle without the sufficient amino acids, so recovery from muscle damage done through training can be slow or nonexistent. The body can be in a catabolic state, using more protein (muscle) than it is rebuilding. Different proteins contain different amounts and types of amino acids as well as offering different absorption and digestion properties so benefits can be gained from using combinations of proteins depending on training and dietary requirements.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding whey vs. hemp protein. Whey protein is derived from milk because it’s an animal source, while hemp protein stems from the Cannabis sativa plant because it’s a vegetable source. Both will give you essential amino acids and dietary protein needs but in varying amounts.

Whey Protein

By far the most popular protein supplement available today is whey protein. Whey is one of the two major proteins found in milk (casein is the other) and is isolated from milk as a byproduct in the production of cheese and casein. Whey proteins contain a variety of proteins, milk sugar lactose, as well as fat and cholesterol.

Whey protein contains the highest percentage of BCAA’s of any protein source as well as high levels of essential amino acids. BCAA’s protect muscle from protein breakdown and help to stimulate protein synthesis or muscle growth. Whey protein also contains protein fractions. These are the active components that high-quality whey proteins should provide. These include Alpha- Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, Glycomacro-peptides, and Lactalbumin. These elements act as antioxidants and can help with cell growth and repair in the body as they possess properties that support the immune system.

In a statement by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “one spoonful of whey protein powder contains 17 grams of protein, 103 calories and less than 1 gram of fat.” So when compared ounce for ounce, whey protein has more protein than the hemp.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is all-natural, plant-based supplement high in fiber, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and muscle-building amino acids. Although this supplement contains no meat or dairy by-products, hemp is extremely high in the properties necessary to maintain and build lean muscle. Made from the hemp seed and all-natural, hemp is known to contain the most complete edible and usable proteins of any plant or vegetable.

High in protein and with a great natural taste, hemp is also very high in fiber with 90% insoluble fiber and 10% soluble fiber. The high fiber along with the absence of meat, dairy or lactose enables easy digestion without any bloating or upset stomach often associated with most whey protein supplements.

Protein Recommendations

The bottom line is that both the hemp protein and whey protein are sufficient to give you all the dietary protein you need. However, a spoonful whey protein contains more protein than the hemp; while the hemp protein contains healthy unsaturated fats and fiber, which are good for preventing disease and bowel regulation. The American Heart Association discourages high-protein diets because most adults consume more protein than they need. The USDA encourages Americans to eat foods that have hemp seed in it because of it a great source of a healthy diet, and reduce the risk of many diseases.

Hemp vs whey protein

Biological Value

  • hemp low
  • whey high


  • hemp low
  • whey high


  • whey mixes great
  • hemp mixes poorly

Naturally occurring vitamins

  • hemp protein has high vitamins
  • whey is moderate levels of nutrients besides protein like calcium and vitamin A

Branched Chain Amino Acid Content

  • hemp lower than whey protein powder.