7 Lies About Whey Protein You Must Read

One of the most commonly asked questions about whey protein is this….. Do you sell an undenatured, cold-processed, unpasteurized whey protein?  Or do you sell an organic whey protein?

I get this question a lot hence I am going to elaborate a little more into detail and debunk any myths about organic whey protein and claims made by supplement companies.

FACT: There is no such thing as 100% undenatured protein powder and/or unheated protein powder. There is no such thing as “raw” whey protein powder.

FACT: USDA law requires that all dairy products, which includes whey protein, is to be pasteurized. The only approved method of pasteurization is heat pasteurization. The USDA sets the law at the temperature and time it must undergo the heat. All the whey protein companies use the same temp and time. This denatures the protein somewhat, but not completely. Next, the protein powder must be converted from a liquid to a powder. How? Spray drying, which also involves heat. Another denaturing step.

Now let’s talk turkey. Because the marketing guys that try to sell their cheap whey protein as either: undenatured, raw, cold process, chill filtration, or whatever they are going to continue to spew their junk at you.

Here is what you ask to one of these assholes:

1) Ok if you’re protein is raw does the USDA know about this?

2) What method do you use to kill e.coli, and salmonella, because I don’t want to die from taking a product that I’m using to improve my health?

3) What is the percentage of Immunoglobulins in your powder? Because if it is not higher than 10%, than it’s just a regular old whey protein.

4) How do you get the powder from liquid to powder because as far as I know there are only two ways: spray drying and freeze drying and by looking at your powder I can tell its not freeze dried and spray drying involves heat..so please explain?

5) How do you prove your whey protein is hormone free? Because as far as I know rBST is undetectable in tests.

6) The FDA does not allow the term “grass-fed”. How come you still use it? and where is the proof it is from grass-fed cattle….do you have a government FDA or USDA certificate…because as far as I know these government agencies do not issue them….they only issue organic?

7) Cold-filtered whey protein…I didn’t know there was a “hot filtered whey protein. Exactly what are the temperatures of both?

If you’re looking for the best, least undenatured protein available then of course you want our native whey protein or our mega whey protein concentrate.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an organic whey protein keep in mind that it is still pasteurized.  In addition an organic whey protein does not have any muscle building benefits over regular whey protein.  Organic whey protein just comes from cows that are grass fed and hormone free.  Also if you are buying an organic whey protein make sure it has the USDA organic seal on it.  Many supplement companies have organic whey protein written on the label but no legal certification.