How Could This Still Be Happening In This Day And Age? And It’s Backed Up By A Major Player

Soy protein is bad, don’t use it.  Done.

Just kidding, let me tell you some reasons why you should not use it but also make you aware of some supplement companies that continue to use soy protein.  First the facts.  I’m not going to cite studies and research like all these other so called nutrition experts and such, I’m just going to give it to you in layman’s terms because I don’t have time for that and most likely, neither do you.  If you don’t believe me look it up yourself or go read articles on (just kidding about the articles..I was being sarcastic)

Soy protein WILL mess with your testosterone one way or another

That’s enough for me..that’s all I need to hear about soy to make me avoid it.  And you should feel the same way.

Now where did I get this info that soy messes with your hormones….a lot of places, but the best source is from a book written by Dr. Kaayla Daniel, called the Whole Soy Story.  No soy companies, soy sellers, or anyone FOR soy protein can argue against this book.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies still insist on using soy protein in their products.  Some hide it because soy is cheap and it makes things taste better.

It’s funny, because you see these companies selling soy protein & I just don’t get it.  There is enough evidence that shows the stuff is bad.  Why continue to sell it?   And I guarantee the people that are “FOR” soy protein never use the stuff.  And I would also guarantee that they wouldn’t recommend soy protein to their mother’s, wives, or sisters.  Soy protein is especially bad for women because it may have something to do with breast cancer…Google that one as well if you don’t believe me.

Companies that like to use soy in their products.


Now, here is where the dirty guys in the industry come along..scumbags like  I found this article on is a screen shot.

They are actually DEFENDING the use of soy protein…and a guy I really respect Will Brink seems to have sold out.  Wonder how much paid him to write an article putting soy in a good light?

Here’s another part of the article

Are you serious?  You gotta clearly see what this sports nutrition industry is really like and whom is running these companies.  Soy protein is bad people and this bs on is the reason the sports nutrition industry sucks and you should be educated!

Here is my favorite


No way this guy is using 10 grams of soy protein like his article says.  I’d love to see him drinking soy protein on video.

All these companies love to use soy.  I suggest not using soy protein.  It’s just dumb to use….really dumb.

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