How To Battle The Female Hormone Estrogen In Your Body!

Post Cycling:  By Nelson Montana

Everyone who has done, or is thinking of doing a steroid cycle, knows that it is after  the cycle is over when the most precautions have to be taken.  Once you go off, that’s when the problems can begin  so it’s best to prevent them from ever starting.

There are several components to a proper PCT.   First and foremost is retaining the gains you made.  That requires getting your natural hormone levels back up as quickly as possible.  That means raising testosterone and reducing the spike in estrogen that comes from being suppressed.   Also important is regaining  and recovering  sex drive.   And lastly there’s detoxing your  liver — especially important if using oral steroids.

Let’s address the first part — hormones.  Everyone knows that testosterone is the king of male hormones and what makes a man a man. But its counterpart, estrogen, is as big a factor in your health, drive, strength and well being. If it’s too high, you’re going to feel lousy and look lousy.  So what can be done to keep it under control?

There are several compounds that naturally control estrogen build up  and even help remove excess estrogen.   The problem is, there are also a lot of claims by supplement companies that simply aren’t substantiate. And in some cases, there’s a conflict of information and it all depends on who you choose to believe.  For now, let’s stick with the facts.

Here’s a quick run down of popular anti estrogen compounds.

Calcium D Glucarate may very well be the best of the bunch and it’s surprisingly absent in many anti estrogen supplements.   Calcium D Glucarate has been shown to remove the “bad” estrones — those that are considered toxic and cause side effects like gynecomastia and water retention.   A popular supplement called “Estrodex” contains CDG as well as some other pretty effective ingredients. But Estrodex also has another anti estrogen called…

Indole 3 Carbinol. This has gained interest in that it works similarly to a SARM — in other words, it is a weak estrogen that takes up estrogen sites, thus preventing excess estrogen from forming.  MAYBE.  That’s the rub.  Much like its pharmaceutical counterpart, a weak estrogen sometimes simply acts like an estrogen. This is why people who use Nolvadex or Clomid complain of feeling “weepy.”  i3C works in the same way.  Effective dosages may also impart stress on the liver.  And for that reason it isn’t recommended.

5, 7, dihydroxyflavone is a natural flavone extracted from bee pollen. it’s also known as Chrysin.  Chrysin works very well in suppressing the “aromatase” enzyme, which is responsible for the conversion of estrogen.

Phosphatidylchonine has also been shown to remove the bad estrone while keeping the good estrone enact.  Remember, eliminating all estrogen is as detrimental as having too much. The key is to get the best balance.

In the next installment we’ll discuss  what else can be done to make the most of your PCT in an effort to bypass the sides effects and maintain your gains, and continue making gains naturally