The Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

The Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone is what gives us that drive to push through our workout and help cultivate mass. Here are the top benefits of using testosterone supplements.

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Testosterone supplements are a go-to solution for many men who are trying to build muscle mass.

Here’s what you need to know about testosterone and the benefits of testosterone supplements.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by both men and women.

A typical adult male will produce between 6 and 8 milligrams (mg) of testosterone a day. This depends on factors such as age and weight. However, a woman will typically only produce about half a milligram of testosterone a day.

In men, testosterone is produced in the testicles. It is very important for the development of male growth, facial hair, and sex drive. Other factors include the deepening of the voice.

Testosterone production ramps up during adolescence, starting at puberty. Men will experience a natural decrease in their testosterone levels once they reach adulthood. This gradual decline in levels of testosterone is typical in and following the early thirties and will continue as men age.

Women naturally produce much lower levels of testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands. Instead, women rely on estrogen to develop typical female characteristics like breasts and smaller figures.

Like men, women’s testosterone levels naturally decrease as they age. This is especially true leading up to and during menopause.

Both men and, to a lesser extent, women will experience a difference in how they feel as testosterone levels drop. It can lead to decreased physical and sexual stamina. It may also cause changes in mood.

Why take testosterone supplements?

Some men experience a decrease in their natural levels of testosterone earlier than they should. This can lead to:

In many cases, testosterone supplements can help to boost testosterone levels and address these symptoms.

Other people, such as body builders or those in careers that are physically demanding, may be interested in taking testosterone supplements in order to build more muscle.

What are the benefits of testosterone supplements?

Testosterone supplements can have several different effects on people. It is important to keep in mind all the changes you are likely to experience when taking testosterone supplements so that you aren’t taken by surprise.

Keep in mind that it can take between six and twelve weeks for testosterone supplements to fully take effect.

Also keep in mind that when taking testosterone supplements, you may need to give your body a break every now and then. For example, when taking “Unleashed” it is recommended that you take the testosterone supplement for up to three months and then take a week or two off.


Here are the ways you can expect testosterone supplements to affect you.

1. Increased muscle mass

Testosterone supplements have a reputation even among other muscle building supplements for increasing muscle mass. And rightly so.

Testosterone supplements can help those in the prime of their life to build muscle mass, which makes them popular with body builders who have often tried other methods of building muscle mass.

However, as you age this becomes even more important. It is difficult to maintain muscle mass, let alone build more muscle as you lose your natural testosterone levels.

2. Lower fat to muscle ratio

The idea of a lower fat to muscle ratio goes hand in hand with the idea of using testosterone supplements to aid you in building muscle mass.

Men who weight more already tend to have lower levels of testosterone. This can make it difficult to lose weight of gain any muscle mass.

Testosterone supplements may be able to provide the boost you need to burn through the rest of that stubborn fat and start building muscle.

For those who have low testosterone levels for reasons other than being overweight, testosterone supplements have been successful in helping in decreasing fat mass and instead building muscle mass.

The best results are seen when testosterone supplements are combined with an exercise regimen. Otherwise, you may notice a decrease in fat, but no increase in muscle mass to replace it. This can result in lean muscle mass, rather than toned muscles.

3. Increased heart and blood health

In a study that drew on information from 83,000 patients, it was found that there is a link between healthy levels of testosterone and heart health.

The study found that the men whose low testosterone levels were treated were less likely to have heart attacks than those whose low levels were not treated, Here are the results after five to six years:

  • Those treated were 56% less likely to have died during the study
  • Those treated were 24% less likely to have a heart attack during the course of the study
  • Those treated were 36% less likely to have a stroke during the study

A healthy heart is a key to good blood circulation and overall health. While medical professionals are still debating the role of testosterone supplements on heart health, many believe that it is an important factor is staying healthy as you age.

4. Stronger bones

Testosterone levels play a huge role in overall bone density. Bone strength and health is important because strong bones are the building block of a healthy body. Bones protect internal organs and make mobility possible.

Low testosterone levels can lead to problems such as osteoporosis, which is when your body doesn’t create bone tissue as quickly as it removes old tissue. This leads to a gradual weakening of the bones. Osteoporosis frequently results in broken bones.

It is natural for bone density to decrease some as you age. This is why the elderly struggle with things like breaking a hip from a fall that wouldn’t have hurt when they were younger.

However, testosterone supplements can aid bone strength. This has been found to be especially true of the bones in the spine and hips.

When regular exercise is combined with testosterone supplements, the results are even better. Muscles connect directly to the bones, meaning that your workout is not only building up those muscles but also strengthening those connection points.

5. Healthier mind

Low testosterone levels have been linked to Dementia and Alzheimer’s in older patients.

According to an article in University Health News, “When testosterone is low, a man can suffer the loss of cognitive function, memory problems, and other progressing dementia symptoms.”

Other early symptoms may include:

  • depression
  • lack of motivation
  • loss of libido
  • a grumpy attitude

Testosterone supplements may help combat this by increasing the amounts of testosterone your body has to work with as you age. If you are concerned about Dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms, you should consult your health care provider.

Testosterone supplements have also been shown to improve overall memory. This is a sign of an overall healthier mind.

6. Improved mood

Depression, lack of motivation, and irritability can all be signs of low testosterone levels.

In these cases, testosterone supplements may greatly increase your quality of life and allow you to lead a happier life.

You should discuss testosterone supplements with your doctor before you use them to treat your depression as low testosterone levels are not always the cause of depression and its symptoms.

7. Better libido

Increased sexual desire and performance are arguably the most well-known effects of testosterone supplements.

Article after article praise the results of testosterone supplements for men who struggle with their libido. It is well known that testosterone levels play a huge role in the bedroom.

What most people don’t realize is that low testosterone levels are not the only cause of erectile dysfunction.

Also, it is important to note that you may not experience increased libido if your testosterone levels were not low in the first place.

Are there drawbacks to testosterone supplements?

If you visit the doctor for low levels of testosterone, you may be prescribed treatment in a gel or patch form. Or the doctor may choose to treat with injections.

Each of these treatment methods may see side effects, such as:

  • increased acne
  • fluid retention
  • increased urination
  • breast enlargement
  • decreased testicular size
  • decreased sperm count
  • increased aggressive behaviors

Over the counter testosterone supplements are generally safe when used as directed. Still, you should always be aware of possible side effects.

Many of these side effects are similar to those seen with prescription testosterone treatment:

  • oily or acne prone skin, especially on the back
  • difficulty sleeping
  • kidney damage (This is most common with prolonged use and is one of the reasons most manufacturers will advise taking a few weeks off from your testosterone supplement regimen after several months on consistent use.)
  • infrequent urination
  • elevated red blood cell counts (This is another reason to take breaks.)
  • mood swings

Who can benefit from testosterone supplements?

Testosterone supplements are usually used by body builders and other who are looking to improve their muscle mass.

Men often turn to testosterone supplements are they age to combat a variety of health concerns. Typically this is successful, but it is always a good idea to run this by your doctor first.

While there is some evidence that testosterone supplements can be beneficial to women, it is not recommended in most cases. When women use testosterone supplements, they develop acne and other symptoms.

Women may also take on more masculine characteristics. These include developing facial hair and a deeper voice.

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