5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Pre Workout Supplement

Here are 5 easy steps to make your own pre workout supplement.  This recipe will be be better than anything you can buy at your local supplement shot or online.

A few years ago Jack3d took over the pre workout world selling their product by the millions.  Jack3d was essentially a strong stimulant powder.  It contained DMAA which allegedly was not an approved ingredient to use in dietary supplements.  Long story short, it was highly recommended to them by the FDA that they discontinue selling the product with DMAA in it.  Result…no more DMAA!  And for those of you who liked that product, one big L!  However, alternatives are out there by the thousands.  You can look anywhere and find yourself a ton of pre workout powders all which contain some sort of stimulant.  However 99% of them simply contain caffeine and a bunch of other dusted in products that do absolutely nothing for you.  They do nothing because you need to take products like amino’s in GRAMS, not milligrams.  This results in a product that is just a stimulant with ingredients that don’t really help.  So I have put together a little recipe for you to make your own pre-workout supplement and it will be a helluva lot less expensive and much more effective in terms of giving you an anabolic edge and giving your brain a jolt.

Make Your Own Pre Workout Recipe for the PO’ man!

First get yourself a glass of water

  • You need something for a better pump. Nothing is better than good ol’ table salt.  Take about ¼ tsp and put it in the water.  If you’re one of those that think “salt” is bad for you then egg yolks are bad for your cholesterol level too..duh!
  • You need some fast digesting carbs. Go to grocery store and buy yourself some watermelon juice.  This stuff is awesome.  If not, just eat some watermelon before heading to the gym.  You MUST have carbs pre workout and lots of them.  If you don’t, you’ll have no pump in the gym at all.  This will also cover the anti-oxidants.
  • Mix the salt with the watermelon juice.
  • Beet juice. Fairly inexpensive and tastes like shit.  Mix 1 Tbs of this in with the watermelon juice.  This will also give you a nice pump.
  • Finally the stimulant. You can simply go out to CVS and get this.  http://www.cvs.com/shop/product-detail/CVS-Caffeine-Tablets?skuId=984401


Chug this recipe down along with the caffeine pill, wait about 15 minutes  and head straight to the gym.  You’ll be wired and primed for a better pump.

How is this better than the crap that is out there?  Well for starters, it has carbs.  Carbs are vital to make your own pre workout.  Any moron that says you don’t need carbs pre-workout, well just never experienced what it takes to gain muscle, if you’re not juicing or don’t have good genetics.  I’m telling you to use watermelon juice which is awesome stuff…you can use dates as well.  It doesn’t come in a juice but you can eat them.  Secondly the sodium.  For some reason, (well I don’t blame them people think sodium is bad for you, yes if you eat a shit load of it every day for the next 10 years yes), but as far as using it as a tool for a better pump, nothing beats it.  No pre-workout supplement has sodium in it.  And if it does it barely has any to make a difference.  Next beet juice, and at significant levels.  Finally the cost.  All this stuff will cost you under $20.00 if that and it will easily be a months supply.  Most pre-workouts cost like 30 easily plus tax or shipping.  So not only is my home made pre-workout much more effective but it’s less expensive.  Have a good workout if you use this recipe and enjoy the pump.

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