Find Out Why All BCAA Supplements Suck, Besides This One

The Amino Acid supplement business is freakin shady.  I was buying BCAA and amino acids for years and I have seen the sketchy Chinese companies that offer me their amino acid powders for dirt cheap. I wouldn’t buy them, but you can bet the horse and the farm that you have a ton of supplement companies buying amino’s from the Chinese all day and every day.   And for that reason, most of the time I usually recommend people NOT using BCAA’s or other amino acids like L-glutamine.  The one big problem I have with amino acids is that I feel the quality is very low.  You see the Chinese turn out these amino acids all day long, and you cannot be sure of the quality you are getting when you buy amino acids.  In addition, the supplement companies selling amino acid rarely tell you where to buy them. But let me give you some advice so that when and if you do buy amino acids you might not be taking the chance of swallowing God knows what, like human hair or something grosser than that.

These two companies actually turn out some good amino acids.

Ajinomoto has some nice instantized BCAA and Kyowa Hakko has some good Citicholine and an alanine-glutamine bonded amino acid.

So when you’re looking to buy these amino’s …simply Google these manufacturers and you’ll find some.  I did that for you.  click here.

This would be the ONLY place I would buy a BCAA powder from.  If you buy from somewhere else you’re risking buying something that is NOT what it says on the label.  Remember the sports nutrition industry is led and ran by scumbags. Most companies lie to your face saying they have high quality stuff and they don’t.  They buy the cheapest shit they can find and stuff it in the most expensive label and packaging they can find.  It’s the truth.

In addition.  We sell a product called Advanced BCAA.  It is a maverick BCAA supplement because it is not a typical BCAA supplement.  It is actually a peptide BCAA which is much more powerful than free form amino acid BCAA’s.

How to Use.  Once you buy this stuff I would only recommend using it WITH a protein powder.  Something like a good source of whey, egg, or beef protein.  Never take amino’s by themselves…they just don’t work like that.  And it’s pointless really because 1 scoop of whey protein for example has a ton of amino acids already in it.  Adding more amino acids will help I guess…just don’t go ape shit and add like 30 grams of protein mixes with 30 grams of amino acids.