How To Stack Yohimbe For Maximum Fat Loss

More than a decade ago one of the world’s first supplement guru’s, Dan Duchaine, suggested that yohimbe can be used to specifically target lower body fat in women.  This theory, created one of the best selling supplements for fat loss.  Since then , yohimbe became one of the most effective fat loss supplements on the market.  This triggered research to be conducted to see if yohimbe truly does help reduce bodyfat.  Here are some studies that looked at how yohimbe can be used for fat loss.


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As you can see the research behind yohimbe is pretty solid therefore you can come to the conclusion that yohimbe can aid in fat loss.

How To Stack Yohimbe For Maximum Fat Loss

Rule #1.  Never buy a yohimbe supplement without first seeing a 3rd party lab analysis.  A study conducted in 2015 showed that MOST yohimbe supplements FAIL label claims.  Here is the study

Here is a quote from the study.

Only 11 supplement brands (22%, 11/49)listed a specific quantity of yohimbine on the label. Most of these were inaccurately labelled (actual content ranged from 23% to 147% of the co nte nt on the label).

All supplement companies must follow the FDA CFR 111’s, even when they use private label contractors to make their products.  However I estimated 95% do not.  In the CFR 111’s it specifically states that all supplements must be validated by a third party lab analysis because being released into commerce.  However as you can see by this study, most supplement companies violate the federal regulations.

#2.  Take yohimbe with 200mg of caffeine.  We know that studies showing using caffeine with yohimbe can help burn more fat.  Being that you can’t trust any supplement company as far as you can throw them, I would go buy this brand of caffeine pills.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”160″ identifier=”B00LI6XNWW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bp025-20″ width=”160″]

#3.  Take yohimbe & caffeine pre workout.

#4. Optional Teavigo green tea extract.  A high quality supplement manufacturer, DSM, which I should not be confused with a supplement company, manufactures a product called Teavigo.  It is a green tea extract that is the highest quality in the world.  There are numerous green tea extract on the market. I would guess that 90% of them are cheap Chinese versions.  Which means they contain impurities, synthetically made, and more or less could not even contain gree tea tract.  DSM however, sells a very high quality green tea extract, called Teavigo and it should be the only one that you buy.

Healthy Origins Teavigo (94% EGCG) Green Tea , 150 Mg, 60 Count

In conclusion, here is the stack

  1.  Yohimbe 12.5 mg twice per day
  2. caffeine 200mg twice per day
  3. Teavigo 150mg green tea extract, twice per day
  4. do not buy substitutes
  5. ask for a 3rd party lab analysis
  6. take before working out