Just Because You’re Hot Doesnt Mean You Know Protein!

Here is a video of a wanna be supplement expert talking about how whey concentrate is better than a whey isolate. I analyze the video and prove that what she is saying is completely inaccurate. Whey concentrates are NOT better than whey isolates. It is just marketing bullshit so companies can push whey concentrate because it cost less to make therefore their profit margins are better.

Here are some of her false statements.

Whey isolate is lacks vitamins. FALSE whey isolate contains vitamin A and vitamin C and calcium
Whey isolate lacks protein subtractions like IGG. FALSE, whey isolate DOES in fact have IGG
Whey isolate is cheaper to make than whey concentrate: FALSE whey isolate is more expensive
Whey concentrate mixes better than whey isolate. FALSE. Whether it mixes good or not has nothing to do with whether its a whey isolate or whey concentrate.  The way a company agglomerates or instanstizes their powder determines the mixability, particle size of the powder, and solubility.

Let’s leave the protein advice to the protein experts please.  You can stick with looking hot, which BTW you do a helluva good job…

In addition you can get your ass sued off for saying shit like this…how?  Well say for example a famous movie star and you just posted on your Facebook page that steak does not contain any protein.  Well I can bet you your apple bottom ass that the steak industry association for example would sue you for saying that.  So Miss Prestin think twice about saying shit that you really dont have a clue about saying.  Because the dairy industry might sue you for this…or just send you a letter for their lawyers.

Nice tongue ring BTW.  Here is what urban dictionary says about tongue rings. AKA french tickler.


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