What These Researchers Patented That Raised Nitric Oxide In The Body

I don’t like free form amino acids.  If I said it once I’ll say it again. I don’t think they do anything.  If they do have any results to the body it’s MINIMAL.  However (sighhhh!) some people refuse to listen to me and insist on buying amino acids to do whatever.  Whether it be raising growth hormone, building muscle, recovery or increased nitric oxide for a better pump. [clickToTweet tweet=”Here’s the only two amino acids that boost N.O. in the body. Yes its patented! ” quote=”This amino combo is patented and the only one that is proven to raise N.O. levels in the body!”]

Here are the only two amino acids that boost N.O. in the body. Yes it’s patented! So to help you out I want to give you the BEST amino acid combination for nitric oxide boost in the body. A company called Kyowa Hakko has actually patented an their L-citrulline and L-arginine amino combo because they did some research showing how it increased N.O. in the body. “Here is the link. According to their website its made in the good ol’ US of A.  Amen!!  Something made in AMERICA!!

KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD. manufactures both L-Citrulline and L-Arginine at its Cape Girardeau, Missouri , facility.

Unfortunately you are on your own when it comes to finding this stuff.  Best bet would be to email them and ask them which companies are selling this product of theirs.  Because remember the sports nutrition industry is run by devious people.  What they’ll do is SAY they are using this product and they are not.  By calling Kyowa Hakko they will at least (hopefully) tell you what companies sent purchase orders to them and bought the product.  Still that is no guarantee.  Still ask for a 3rd party lab analysis when you do buy any supplement.  Especially one that is an amino acid.  The Chinese FLOOD the market with their cheap aminos.