Making An Intra Workout Drink

Sometimes I get asked what would I recommend intra workout.  My answer is typically water.  Because you cannot replenish nutrients in your body faster than you lose them.  Sometimes people will ask me what about Peptopro or BCAA’s, but again, taking them with the purpose of creating an anabolic condition in the body instead of going catabolic will not work.  The catabolic forces are inevitable and using supplements intraworkout with the hope of being anti-catabolic will not work.  Therefore, I simply tell my customers to just drink cold water.  Believe it or not, the hotter your body gets, the more catabolic you become.  Cooling the body off with cold water will help support anti-catabolism.

However, I do know of some little tricks that I wanted to tell you If, you wanted to create yourself an intra workout drink.

The first thing you can do is get yourself some deep ocean mineral water.  Deep ocean mineral water is cool stuff.  It is water collected about 2,000 feet down in the ocean.  It contains of a ton of minerals that will help you make a great intra workout drink.  Not only that but deep sea water, can keep you really healthy AND can potentially be anticarcinogenic.

intra workout

If you want to buy some deep sea water here is the brand I recommend.  Supposedly Hawaii is the place to get the deep sea water.  The other place is Taiwan, so when you can BUY USA!

My second little trick for an intra workout drink is pickle juice.  Pickle juice is probably the best intra workout supplement you can buy.  I think its 10X better than Gatorade.  The only bad thing is that it tastes 10X worse that Gatorade.  Pickle juice contains all the electrolytes and minerals you need to rehydrate and prevent cramping.  Pickle juice works extremely well in the hot weather.  If you play any sports in the summer, run marathons, play soccer or anything similar where you are outside in the heat sweating a lot, I can guarantee you that if you drink pickle juice intra workout you’ll feel a boost.  You can combine this with deep sea water.

Here is a study done with pickle juice.

Here is the pickle juice that I recommend.


Lastly, for your intra workout supplement drink, and you make have seen my recommend this before buy hydrolyze rice syrup solids.  This is predigested rice, which is very easy to digest.  Back in the day, I used to sell this product.  You simply mix this with water and you have yourself a very refreshing drink.  I don’t know what is it about hydrolyzed rice syrup solids, but you just feel refreshed after drinking it.  And yes, you can mix this with the pickle juice and the deep sea water.

Only ONE company sells this product because they have a patent on it.  Here it is

In conclusion, intra workout drink should consist of ingredients that can help you while you work out.   Deep sea water, pickle juice, and hydrolyzed rice syrup solids are three of the best ingredients you can use.  Gatorade, BCAA’s, free form amino acids, caffeine, glutamine, and protein powder will not help you WHILE you workout.