Milk protein isolate powder is one of your best choices for muscle building and anabolic conditioning, it may be better than just using whey protein or casein protein alone.   Milk protein isolate is actually a blend of whey protein and casein protein.   Milk protein isolate powder that is commercially sold comprises of 80% casein and 20% whey.  If milk protein isolate is a combination of these two proteins, why do so many supplement companies sell whey protein by itself or casein by itself?  How come you cannot buy milk protein isolate or it is rarely sold?  In this article, I will try answer these questions.

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Many supplement companies and supplement experts have tried to duplicate human milk to supplement with, thinking it would be the best for muscle growth and the easiest to digest.  Sometimes they try to make a free form amino acid blend that duplicates human milk as well.  They based this on the assumption that people will think the same, human breast milk is better than cows milk.  It will be digested better and therefore make your muscles grow over using dairy milk.  However, both cows milk and human milk are both made up of the same proteins, whey and casein.  Human breast milk is about 80% whey and 20% casein during the early stages of breast feeding.  Then it changes to about 50/50 over the course of the next few months.  Therefore, shall we stick with what mother nature intended and used a protein mix of both whey and casein?  Is a blend of casein and whey better for muscle growth than whey protein isolate or micellar casein protein powder alone?

According to the studies below the answer is yes!

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The Protein Conundrum

Now I propose the question to you?  Is it better to buy your protein powders separately and get yourself some whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, hydrolyzed protein powder, and other proteins and then mix them together OR should you just go out and buy milk protein isolate powder?

The first question that comes to my mind is how did mother nature intend it.  Should I take a look at the composition of gorilla breast milk because I want to be the size of a gorilla and mix my whey and casein together at that ratio?  LOL.  Or should I look at the composition of human breast milk and make my whey and casein blend similar to that?  Over the years I think we have the answer to that.  DEFINITELY NOT.  The year is 2018.  Not 1985.  I’m a common sense type of person, and my common sense tells me that after 40 years of sports nutrition studies, one should not try to duplicate the breast milk of any mammal, including lion and tiger milk…oh with the exception of this shit….lol

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So it does not make any sense to try to figure what ratio to use whey and casein based on what animal you want to look like!  Therefore what do we do?  Do we simply use a 50/50 mix or do we do with a milk protein isolate powder?  Let me propose to you this….

I sell microfiltration whey protein isolate and so do about 1,000,000 other companies.  Some of the whey protein that I sell comes from cheese.  However, one type of whey protein I sell is native whey protein, which comes from milk.  There is a big difference between the two.  Whey protein from cheese is heat pasteurized TWICE, meaning it gets denatured TWICE.  Native whey protein is only heat pasteurized ONCE!  The end result is a whey protein that has double the amount of protein subfractions and I theorize has a higher biological value as well, making it MORE anabolic!  My opinion is that native whey is more anabolic than regular whey.

There are two forms of casein that supplement companies sell.  Calcium caseinate and micellar casein.  I would guestimate that 98% sell calcium casein or simply lie, use calcium caseinate and say it is micellar.  Calcium casein is made using acids to separate the protein from the nonprotein materials.  Not very good choice to use for a protein powder.  Micellar casein protein powder is made using microfiltration which of course if the better version.  But then both MUST be pasteurized, leaving both denatured.  Micellar not as much as calcium casein.

Milk protein isolate is made using a very simple process, similar to native whey protein.  You have the liquid milk, then the filtration, then they spray drying (turns liquid to powder) and bingo, milk protein isolate powder that can be 80% or 90% protein content.  Essentially you have a protein powder that is a similar to native whey isolate and micellar casein!  Therefore it would be a better choice over whey protein from cheese.  Our new Muscle Shake protein powder is a technically a milk protein isolate.

Now the question still remains…do you believe in a ratio of 80 casein and 20 whey or do you believe in more whey than casein?  Will anyone ever know?

My opinion, the answer is experimentation.  EVERYONE is different, thus the ratio may be different.  Depending on your budget, taste, and other factors will determine if you buy whey protein from cheese, from milk, micellar casein, milk protein isolate powder or all the other protein powders that I sell.

But we do know ONE thing for sure.  Protein BLEND or using different sources of protein is the best.  I always recommend using different protein, and the more you use, I think the better results you will have.

I have been using Salmobolic lately ALOT, and my body loves it!  I feel great on it.  Here is my routine lately


native whey

micellar casein

veggie/fruit blended up with ice

Post workout

Salmobolic and creapure

Night time

Milk protein isolate powder with veggies

Here’s a video of my friend Rich Villela who is a big fan of milk protein isolate