Muscletech Lawsuit: They Pay 2.5 million To Settle Protein Spiking Lawsuit

What was the Muscletech lawsuit all about?  Well if you did not know

Protein spiking involves manipulating the protein content by adding amino acids, glycine and taurine.Click To Tweet   This allows them to add less whey protein fo example and more cheap amino acids.  This is a dirty supplement trick and anyone with a brain should not trust any company that protein spikes.

On November 9th 2015 Muscletech settled to pay 2.5 million dollars for a protein spiking lawsuit.  They also have to take out banner advertisements on muscle and fitness websites and Facebook offering refunds to people who purchased the products.

Muscletech Lawsuit

muscletech settle protein spiking lawsuit

I think this will open the door for a lot of other protein spiking lawsuits that are active right now.  We shall see.

iovate muscletech protein spiking settlement