New Exciting Protein Powder News!!

Probably the most exciting news of the year so far. Super plasma protein is going to be restocked very soon. Super plasma protein WAS one of my best muscle-building protein powders. People swore by its ability to help them put on muscle weight. However, the company that made it for me discontinued it, and the Super Plasma Protein vanished. And unfortunately, I don’t own a cattle farm. But I refused to give up and worked diligently to source this powder. Finally, after a 1-year hiatus, Super Plasma Protein is returning. Hopefully, in less than 60 days. (I’m hoping 40)

What is Super Plasma Protein?

For those who never tried it or didn’t know about it, Super Plasma Protein is a unique protein. And let me be 100% transparent because that is what the Proteinfacotry is all about. It is cow’s blood protein. The manufacturer takes the blood, runs it through centrifuge technology, filters it, concentrates it, evaporates it, spray drys it, which preserves its functional and biological activity, and the outcomes the powder ready for human consumption. It is about 75% protein, similar to a whey protein concentrate.

But what’s so special about the Super Plasma Protein, in my opinion, is the results people get with it. The problem, well it is not really a problem, but the problem is the powder has never be analyzed for its ability to increase muscle protein synthesis. Meaning it has never been researched on human like whey protein has.

Little back story. I discovered this powder back in 1998 believe it or not. I was the first person ever to sell it as a sports nutrition protein powder. I saw that it was a complete protein, was high in protein, and rich in BCAA’s. But what intrigued me the most about this powder was that farmers were giving it to their pigs to make them grow faster.

Not soon after I started to sell it, people started to reorder it. End of story. It was a giant success. If you have used super plasma, you’ll know its a powerful protein powder.

Keep an eye out for my emails, and hopefully, you’ll have Super Plasma Protein in your hands by the end of summer.

P.S I may just have something to go along with the Super Plasma Protein. Which will totally be another FIRST for the protein industry. New Protein, never sold before. It’ll be like 1998 all over again! Keep your fingers crossed.