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Alex Rogers:

Hey, what’s up, everybody? Alex Rogers, from coming at you with another podcast, and in this podcast, we are going to do questions and answers. So, I have a bunch of questions here and I figured I’d answer them for you. And yeah, let’s see what we have.

                So, the first question is why has whey protein increased by 300% in the last year? Well, I mean, I don’t think it’s increased by 300%, but it’s definitely doubled. Without a doubt, it’s definitely doubled. And why is that? Well, supply and demand. So, the supply has drastically gone down. All protein is a commodity. It’s a dairy, you’re talking whey protein, so it’s a dairy. So, it’s cows, the cows have to produce the milk. So, when there’s a strain on milk and infant formulas and just the supply chain in general, and everybody knows what’s going in on with the economy right now, you should know what’s going on with the economy now, United States just had two negative gross GDP reports, which is … I mean, if you look at the history, I know the government’s trying to say, “Oh, we’re not in the recession,” but if you just look at every … since like 1900, if you look at two negative reports in a row, that’s called a recession.

                So yeah, I would say the reason why it’s gone up is all those reasons. Just it’s a commodity. It’s not something that can be manmade. The cow makes it and that’s it, all right? Oh, and then, I mean, I’m trying my best to keep the price low, but I can only do so much. And then will the price go down? Yeah, eventually, eventually I think it’s going to go down because it’s just so expensive to make protein powder. So, what’s going to happen is you’re not going to see so many other companies selling protein. So, I think that’ll create less of a demand and the price will start to come down. When? I have no idea unfortunately.

                Next question. On the instruction of my whey protein powder it’s written, “Take one scoop before workout, one after.” Is that really required? Would it be better if I took one scoop after a workout and also one scoop in my days off?

                Yeah, taking whey protein before you work out. Okay, so back in the day when I first started Protein Factory, yeah, I would tell people, “Take your protein powder post … take your whey protein, whatever, hydrolyzed protein with carbs, post-training. Actually, I even sold a formula called post-training formula, but believe it or not, because of the digestive rate, you could reach that anabolic window pre-workout as well, but nothing for nothing. I don’t like taking food, which is what whey protein is, pre-workout. Especially if I’m training hard, jumping up and down, squatting. I don’t know, I just don’t want nothing in my stomach besides water. So take it post-workout, take two scoops. For this guy’s question, I would take two scoops post-workout and combine it with some carbs of course, and fruit and things like that.

                Next question is taking supplements with fruit shake a good idea. Okay, so I’m assuming he’s talking about fruit. Of course, always, anytime, I don’t think there’s a bad time to eat fruit.

                Next question. Can you take BCAAs every day if you never work out? I mean like one scoop of the powder. Yeah, you could take it, but it’s not going to do anything, you’re just pissing your money away. I don’t even see a reason to use branched-chain amino acid, just use protein powder instead. Branched-chain amino acids have been around since the ’80s. I don’t know why people are using them, but yeah, I just don’t recommend them.

                Next question. What’s the difference between organic protein and whey protein? Well, that’s an incorrect question because you could have … or maybe he meant organic whey protein and regular whey protein. Well, I mean organic is obviously grass-fed, hormone-free, it’s organic.

                So next question. What is the best homemade protein shake recipe that has loads of protein? Oh, that’s a good question. The best homemade protein shake with loads of protein. Well, I would start off with milk, obviously. Add just your whey protein, your whey isolate, or your milk isolate, like your muscle shake. And then what I like personally is, I mean, chocolate is like … if I’m going to have a treat, I would definitely throw in the chocolate or the cocoa, and I posted this on my website. It’s cocoa from Spain if you want to … If you don’t know what it is, I don’t know. It’s probably about 10 or 20 posts down on my website. Add that, and add your peanut butter. Add your raw honey, add your blueberries, and add your bananas, it is the best. That’s my favorite.

                Next question, is protein from whey as good as protein from meat for building muscle? Yeah, it’s actually better. A meat protein would be obviously beef, chicken, and fish, I would say. I guess you could put eggs in there as well. According to the DIA, yeah, I mean dairy protein, milk, and whey, are superior.

                Next question. Should a 15-year-old kid lifting weights take or avoid pre-workout creatine or whey protein? Asking for my son. 15-year-old kid. Now, I’ve had two boys and I have a girl, they’ve all lifted weights. And what do I tell them? Yeah, if a 15-year-old kid needs caffeine, I mean, something is wrong there, I mean, at that age, when you’re growing like that, nutrition and sleep is so important. If they’re not getting sleep, I mean, come on and you got to press for that. So yes, I would say avoid .. Now, assuming that pre-workout means that it contains creatine, we could be talking about pre-workout like my Tectanic Red. I mean, you could use Tectanic Red if you’re 15, but for pre-workouts, it contains caffeine. Yeah, avoid them. My DAM’d is another example that a 15-year-old kid could use, because it’s just D-ribose. Creatine, anybody could use, creatine is … I mean, unless you’re … I’m trying to think of a reason to avoid creatine, I don’t know. Anybody could use creatine but just make sure it’s Creapure. I’ve seen on social media and be like, “Oh get any brand of creatine monohydrate, it doesn’t matter.” Well, I mean, right now is tough, but you really just want the Creapure, even though there’s a shortage because all other creatines are made in China.

                And then as far as a 15-year-old kid using whey protein, yeah, that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. Teach him how to eat. I mean, speaking of just looking on social media, now that I started doing TikTok, and I was searching up best protein powders and I would say 97 out of a hundred so-called experts, supplement experts, body building experts, people that think they have clout, they got a 100,000 followers. Nobody and this is nuts. Nobody talks about protein quality. They just talk about taste. So in other words, the question they get is, “Oh, what’s the five best protein powders?” It’s all based on taste. And you know what the most talked about one is, the one that so-called the best? Fruity Pebble flavored protein powder. I shit you not, I mean, after a while I was like, “Jesus, no wonder why we have so many snowflakes nowadays with … ” I’m 49 and you know these 20-some-year-old kids, no wonder why we have so many Goddamn snowflakes now. Fruity Pebble flavored protein? I mean, are you for real? You’re 20, or 30 years old and you’re concerned about whether your protein tastes like Fruity Pebbles? Fruity Pebbles. I mean, what?

                Imagine if this was like World War II, you were stuck in a foxhole with this guy or Vietnam and you’re in a foxhole. “I can’t eat that, it’s got to taste like Fruity Pebbles. It’s got to taste like peanut butter, chocolate.” What else did I see? I don’t know. I mean, are you serious? I mean, I just don’t get it. I mean, man up, learn how to eat just-food. Learn how to eat what Mother Nature has provided us. Just start drinking your protein powder plain and you need it sweet and like a little baby. I mean, I’m sorry for going off here, but come on. I mean, if anything, if you need it sweet, add raw honey. I mean, you want to teach yourself how to not need sugar, teach yourself how to not need the sweetness.

                That’s the key with this 15-year-old kid with this question, about whatever. Teach this 15-year-old kid, not to … “I need Fruity Pebbles. I need to taste like Dunkin’ Donuts, strawberry donut.” I’ve seen it all, these flavors are getting out of control. Chips Ahoy! I saw another one. “It’s got to taste like Chips Ahoy! if I’m going to drink it.” I mean, imagine that I mean, dude, imagine if it’s World War II, the Germans are bearing down on you and you’re starving, it’s got to taste like strawberry shortcake in order for you to eat and you’re stuck in the hole with this guy relying on putting your life in his hands in this guy. I mean, come on man, enough with these TikTokers. And okay, that’s enough. All right, anyway, you get my point.

                Okay. Next question. What are the best supplements for overall body health? Oh, that’s a good question. Best supplements for overall body health. Well, I would have to say anything nowadays that boosts your immune system for a few reasons. One, it helps you prevent and get sick, COVID especially, COVID is just … I don’t even think that’s from freaking … I don’t even think that’s from Mother Nature, that’s … whatever, but it’s a virus. So, best supplements for overall health, anything that boosts your immune system, mushrooms, AHCC, curcuminoids, what else would be well? Vitamin D but that’s mushrooms, spirulina, anything that’s a super food, anything in the superfood category. So, I wouldn’t put whey protein, milk protein, or egg protein. I would put whole egg. I would put whole egg if it was organic. I have chickens, I have 10 chickens, so I get … My eggs are all organic, free-range, if you want to call them that, running around my backyard. But yeah, that’s what I would look for. Just superfoods, spirulina, mushrooms, AHCC, anything like that. Oligonol’s another good one. Capsimax is actually a good one. Raw honey, of course.

                All right, next question. Does taking Turkesterone … Oh my God. Not Turkesterone, all right. Well, I’ll answer. Does taking Turkesterone qualify as taking steroids? I’m natural and I would like to stay that way, but I’ve heard Turkesterone could be a good supplement for strength and muscle gains. Just unsure if it’s natural or not. Well A, it’s natural. B it’s not even close, not even close to taking anabolic steroids. So, when this Turkesterone came out and yes, I do sell it, it’s purely experimental, but when this Turkesterone came out, I’m thinking to myself, “Here we go. Here’s another fad supplement.” And that’s all it was, it was just a fad. It was just a fad and it’s experimental. You do not buy Turkesterone if you don’t have hydrolyzed protein, muscle shake, Capsimax, Tectanic Red, raw honey. If you don’t have those in your shelf, you don’t buy … you don’t waste your money on this experimental crap, you don’t. And most of the brands out there are crap. The Turkesterone that I sell, no, it’s not crab. I mean, it’s a good quality of Turkesterone, but does it work or not? I don’t know. I’m not going to spend my money on …

                I would rather put raw honey in my protein shake then I would consume a Turkesterone supplement. I would rather consume beetroot powder, Capsimax, oligonol before Turkesterone. So, get good quality products.

                Okay, next question. Should I consume whey or casing protein if I want to make sure my muscles last? Well, you want to consume both, but the question is weird, to make my muscles last? I mean, if you stop resistance training, I don’t care what you’re doing. Free weights, rubber bands, whatever, prison workout, I mean whey protein is not going to keep your muscles. It’s not going to do that. Steroids probably wouldn’t even do that. But anyway, yeah. I mean, you want to use both proteins, check out my muscle shake or you can buy my general isolate and the micellar casein by itself.

                Next question are BCAAs overrated? Yes, BCAAs are overrated. God, BCAAs are overrated. Please stop buying branched-chain amino acids. I mean, unless … but I can’t justify it because let’s say, “I can’t consume dairy.” All right, then get egg. “Well, I can’t consume egg.” All right, well then get fish. “Well, I can’t consume fish.” Okay, well get pea. “I can’t consume pea.” Get rice. Just keep going. Just BCAAs are just hype, they’re just made to take your money, that’s it.

                Next question. Can I take whey protein on an empty stomach in the morning? Yes, of course.

                Next question. Do I need aminos or is protein powder enough to use? I’m 18. Well, yeah, I mean, this just relates to the one I just answered about being BCAAs, being overrated. No, you don’t need amino acid. There’s amino acids in protein powder.

                Next question. If I took Dianabal just on Mondays and 30 Thursdays, let’s say 25 milligrams each day, would it shut down my natural testosterone production? Well, first of all, that’s dumb because if you’re going to take anabolic steroids, you want to take enough to produce results. I mean, unless I don’t know why this guy wants to only take 50 milligrams a week. It’s not going to do anything, but just fuck up his system. Why take a drug? It’s not going to do anything. The idea is, if you’re going to take steroids, do it and make it work, do it for the shortest amount of time possible. Get the results that you need and get out, get out. The problem is with guys that are using SARMs and steroids and whatever, they become addicted mentally. They’re not physically addicting, like methamphetamines, or heroin, or what else? Opioids. Steroids are addicting mentally. They’re addicting mentally because one day you’re freaking benching 185 for 10 reps. Four weeks later, six weeks later, you’re benching 250 for 10 reps. You’re jacked. You’re feeling like an animal. Your libido’s through the roof. You’re banging your girlfriend 10 times a day.

                I mean, it’s addicting mentally. And then once you come off, guess what? The gains disappear. They disappear, you go back to normal. You don’t keep the gains after taking steroids. So, guys can’t handle it because they go from benching 250 back down to 185, they stop lifting. They’re depressed and then it goes worse. They’re benching 165. So, anyway.

                Next question. How do you compare the cons of whey protein, BCAAs and creatine, like supplements to steroids? The cons, the only cons is, I mean, whey protein and creatine don’t work nearly as well as steroids, but I don’t recommend steroids, like I just said, the gains just disappear.

                Next question. Can you eat whey protein without mixing with water? Oh my God, that’s funny. Yeah, you can but good luck. I mean, God, it’s like taking powder and just tossing in your mouth. I mean, I don’t know how you’re going to get it down, especially a scoop. I just picture somebody doing that.

                Next question, what is the best juice to mix creatine with? Good question. What is the best juice to mix creatine with? Depends on your goal. I would say if you’re just purely interested in muscle gain and strength, mix it with Gatorade. Well, I’m going to take that back, mix it with … I don’t like Gatorade now, nowadays, because artificial colors, artificial … I don’t know if it has artificial, but anyway, use a juice that has dextrose and maltodextrin, that’s Gatorade, but I don’t like the artificial colors in Gatorade. So, that’d be a good one, the best … I mean, I don’t know. Even though if you want to just try to get the results from creatine by … What juice? I would go with anything … if you could juice something, to be honest with you, if you could juice something, say if you juiced … Oh man, here’s a good idea. Juice like watermelon, lemons. What else could you juice that would be great? Watermelons, orange juice, just juice up fruit, juice up fruit and mix a creatine with that. That would actually be the best. The spinach and vegetables, carrots won’t have that big of effect but …

                Next question. What are the benefits of animal protein compared to plant protein? Well, the main benefit is the way that animal proteins increase muscle protein synthesis better than plant protein. I would say that would be your number one benefit.

                Next question. Creatine gives me calf cramps. No it doesn’t. Creatine does not give you cramp cramps, I’m going to have to … I have difficulty forming muscles in my leg. So I would like to take it. Do you have any advice you’re cramping up because you’re dehydrated. I’m not doctor or anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s it.

                Okay, next question. Does creatine provide any permanent gains? No, creatine … There’s no such thing as permanent gains. Remember, the body does not like muscle mass. When you have more muscle mass on your frame, the more energy takes where you live, the body just cares about living. It doesn’t care about whether you have a six-pack or chiseled pecs. It will always try to reduce muscle mass. So, nothing provides permanent gains unless it’s, I don’t know, surgery.

                Next question. Why does collagen protein powder taste like dog food compared to whey protein? Well, if you ever tried my 520, that tastes pretty bad too. But anyway, collagen is a disgusting powder, it really is. It’s like skin and just bones, and it’s just disgusting. The exception of maybe marine, and I don’t mind marine, but collagen, and for the record, it’s not protein powder. Please just call it collagen powder. Because when you call it collagen protein powder, it’s assuming that it’s a good source of protein. It’s not. It’s terrible. It’s an incomplete protein. Never use it as a source of protein. It’s an incomplete protein, and it’s just worthless. I only recommend collagen marine, and I only recommend marine collagen. By the way, for your skin, hair, and nails, you got to be over 40. You got to take it for 60 days, and you got to take 10 grams a day.

                Next question. Will protein give me energy? No, it will not. Do you want energy? Eat some carbs.

                Next question, in terms of how many grams of protein per ounce or serving of powder and not considering any other factors, including taste, which protein powder on the market gives the most bang for the buck? Wow, that’s a good question. The most bang for the buck, I’d have to go with … most bang for the buck? I don’t know. I still might have to go with the Native Whey Protein Concentrate.

                Next question, is testosterone booster supplements legitimate, and are they genuinely effective? Okay, so it’s a two-part question, and I would have to say most testosterone boosters on the market are complete garbage, and they’re not effective at all. Now I carry a couple, mainly just … yeah, well, three. I carry Unleashed, which is the creme de la creme of testosterone supplements. I literally have been selling that one for 15 years, and I have tons of podcasts on it, I got Nelson Montana talking about it. I got more information on that product, and I don’t know what, but then just single ingredients, the LJ100, the LJ450, which is the long cut. That in my opinion, is the best single ingredient testosterone booster on the market, followed by maybe Tribulus, maybe. Tribulus is kind of experimental, but anyway. Now, are they effective? Now that’s a good question.

                As far as building muscle. No, they’re not. You’re not going to take LJ100 and build muscle. You’re not going to take Tribulus and build muscle. Now, if you combine Unleashed with protein and working out, yes, in combination, yes, that will help you out. But if you think you’re going to take any of these testosterone boosters that are on the market and they’re going to work like steroids, I mean, you’re just kidding yourself because they won’t. They just, yes. LJ100 and LJ450, they do boost testosterone, but not enough to sustain muscle growth. The best thing I like about them is the libido booster.

                Next question. Which protein bars or shakes should you eat for weight loss? Quest bars, Barbell, Protein One, Simply bars, RX, ONE bar. For weight loss, that doesn’t even make sense because I could eat McDonald’s and lose weight. I could eat Popeyes chicken and lose weight. Losing weight is about just reducing your calories and exercising. If I took somebody, I could make anybody lose weight, like Biggest Loser. Remember that TV show Biggest Loser? That’s all they did. They treated the people like lab rats. They just took, made them exercise. Didn’t feed them. That’s it. They just did that. That’s how you lose weight. So yeah, but is there a specific protein bar? Well, as far as shake goes, well, I just isolate that for protein bars; I’m sorry. He also mentioned shakes, but as far as shakes go, yeah. I mean, there are some legitimate ones out there, including my Lean Pro peptides. That’s probably a great one. Casein’s a great one. Milk protein isolate muscle shakes are a great one, so yeah.

                Next question. If I’m too tolerant to creatine, can I stop taking it for a while, then retake it and start getting the effect … Oh, okay. I get it. If I’m too tolerant to creatine, can I stop taking it for a while, then retake it and start getting effects from it again? I’ve been taking it for about five months happily and love the process. But now I’m edgy because I don’t feel explosive anymore. Yeah, I mean, like with all-natural supplements and drugs and whatever, eventually they stop working. The body gets used to them. You give somebody, for example, alcohol. If I give somebody who never drinks alcohol a shot, they’re going to be feeling it. If I gave some alcoholic who’s been drinking for 20 years, if I gave him a shot, he’s just going to treat it like water. So, it’s the same thing with anything else. You have to cycle everything.

                Right, next question. What brand of whey protein should I avoid? Well, definitely not mine. Which ones that I know, people that I don’t like, people that are assholes just in general because they’re assholes. I think Mark Lobulener, he’s a fucking asshole. He’s an MST guy. Who else is an asshole? Who do I think of? Anything that’s spiked. And if you see a protein powder with creatine in it, I saw one actually in Aldi. It’s like a grocery store around here. They’re actually selling their own brand of whey protein. It was spiked. It had creatine in it. It was so funny. Who else is a bunch of assholes? MuscleTech’s a bunch of assholes. They threatened to sue me a bunch of times. So fuck those guys. True Nutrition totally copied my business model, fuck that guy as well, or those guys. Who else? This is just based on people that I don’t like. Who else I don’t like in the industry? Bunch of losers, I’d have to say. Yeah, trying to think. That’s off the top of my head right now and anybody who’s a fitness influencer on Instagram that’s pimping protein, just I’d avoid those too.

                Okay, next question. Does it matter which whey protein you use? Yeah, it matters. If you use crap from Walmart, I mean you pay for what you get. I mean, honestly, you pay for what you get. So, of course, it matters. You can’t go wrong. Just buy anything from my place, and you can’t go wrong.

                Next question. Can lactose intolerant people take hydrolyzed whey protein? Well, that’s yes or no. I mean, my 520’s got lactose in it. So you won’t be able to use it. Whereas Total Frag does not. What else doesn’t have it? Hydrolyzed salmon obviously doesn’t have lactose. What else do I sell? Oh, hydrolyzed egg. I mean, I don’t sell it individually, but I sell it in a couple the products here. Yeah, so you just have to look for which hydrolyzed protein you’re using.

                Next question. What exactly are pre-workout supplements made of besides caffeine? That’s pretty good. That’s a good question. I would say most of them right now are made out of Citrulline and beta alanine, with the exception of mine. I mean, mine, I just like the Tectanic Red. I mean, you can’t go wrong with that. I mean, I’m sorry. You just can’t you cannot go wrong with that beetroot powder, it is phenomenal. There’s not one product out there that has that much inorganic nitrates as my tectonic red. And then of course Force 440, which is based off of Ultimate Orange back in the ’90s. That’s a combination of hydrolyzed protein, cell volumizing ingredients, and of course guayusa extract but the pre-workouts now they’re just beta alanine and Citrulline malate. There’s nothing else in them. And you could buy those things separately, which is what I would recommend because you don’t want the caffeine. The caffeine’s a vasoconstrictor. So, there’s no point of using citrulline malate and beta alanine.

                Next question. Is it okay to take protein shakes like whey protein and [inaudible 00:26:35] while breastfeeding? Oh, I’m not going to answer that one. Consult your doctor before … Well, I mean, generally speaking, I mean, this is not specific, but as long as it’s … I think as long as there’s nothing artificial in it.

                Next question. Should I eliminate all fat for my diet when trying to lose weight? That is like the same question with the protein bar. It doesn’t matter. I could lose weight by just eating lard and cake frosting all day long. It’s a matter of just reducing your calories. That’s what you need to do, reduce those calories.

                Next question. I got L-glutamine and whey protein supplements. Throw out the L-glutamine. Should I take them both in the same time after work? L-glutamine’s worthless, but yeah, you might as well add it. I guess if you bought it, if you could return it, return the L-glutamine, but if you can’t then just add it to your protein. I mean, it’s not going to do anything, but yeah, back in the day, I mean, it was all the rage, I think back in the early … Well, I’d say mid ’90s, early 2000s it was all the rage, but it just don’t do anything.

                Next question. Are anabolic steroids permanent? Maybe he meant anabolic steroid gains permanent. No, like I just mentioned, like creatine gains aren’t permanent, steroid gains are definitely not permanent. I mentioned that at the beginning of this podcast.

                Next question. Does protein powder have the same effects for everyone? No, it does not. Protein powder is just food. That’s like saying, “Oh, if I eat an egg … ” if I give 10 people 10 eggs, are they all going to grow muscle? No, everybody’s different. Everybody’s genetics are different. That’s the thing about studies, which I don’t like. You really have three different types of body types. Mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph.

                Yeah, so you have three different types of body type. So imagine if one study, everybody was an ectomorph and then the other study, everybody was a mesomorph. Mesomorphs gain muscle much more quickly and easily than an ectomorph and a endomorph gains weight easily. So, that’s the one thing I’ve always had a problem with studies, is the body types, because it does matter. It does matter. I remember when I was a kid and I was like 17, 18 years old. I’m an ectomorph. I have an ectomorph body type and my friend Dave, he was a mesomorph and my friend Mike, he was a mixer in between a meso and an endo. But my friend, Dave, I mean the guy just … We would all be lifting. We’d all go to the gym together. We’d pack in my car, school was out. We’d go to the gym during the summer. And this kid, by the time the summer was over, he would gain like 20 pounds. I was lucky if I gained two, I mean he was squatting just massive weights. He was benching 185 for reps. I mean, this is in high school. I could barely throw up 135 when I was in high school. This kid, I mean, it was unbelievable. So, genetics have a huge impact on the muscle that you can gain. So, as far as protein powders, yeah. I mean, definitely it’s going to have a different impact, of course.

                Next question and the last question. Is Crazy bulk steroids safe. Okay, I know this company. I know this thing, Crazy Bulk, these guys. Well, I mean, this has been going on since the ’80s, where companies sell a product. I mean, I’m guilty of the same thing. You give it like a steroid name, like whatever, Anabolin 5,000, and they just … Crazy Bulk is though, they’re over the top and they’re trying to make their stuff sound like steroids, it’s not. Crazy Bulk is just dietary ingredients, nothing special. And of course, it’s just trash. Like I mentioned before with testosterone supplements, they just don’t do anything.

                I mean, what’s funny is if you’re looking for something like steroids, just take steroids. I mean, get some steroids. People call it like TRT, “I’m on testosterone replacement therapy.” No, you’re on steroids. Okay. “My doctor’s prescribed me 200 milligrams of Tesipanate a week.” I’m like, “Yeah, you’re on steroids.” So just do that. I mean, they’re safer and they’re more effective and just do it for eight weeks or 10 weeks, 12 weeks, and then that’s the end of it. Once a year. You don’t do steroids more than once a year, you’re out of your mind. You’re going to get addicted, all right? So that’s it, that’s my I stands on that. And disclaimer, I don’t recommend steroids. I just don’t. Ask your doctor before doing any of that crap because I’m not a doctor.

                All right. Once again, thanks for listening. If you have any questions, always send them, text me 732 901 9600. I’m in New Jersey, so keep that in mind when you text me, please. And if I don’t answer, feel free to text me the next day, or the next hour, or whatever, I get tons of text messages, they all … You know how it is and you get text messages. They just come on through it. So just keep texting me. I don’t care, text me as much as you want. I’ll answer eventually. And that’s it, thanks everybody.