Supplement Tidbits: Increase Metabolic Rate, Improve Wound Healing, & Protein Comparison

This blog post is information on protein, supplements and everything related that I find interesting and that I feel you’ll find interesting as well.  The information is not extensive enough to write a whole article, but worth posting for you to see.

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Casein Protein Powder To Lose Fat

A new study just came out about taking casein protein powder before bedtime or pre-sleep.   The study concluded that taking casein protein powder helps your metabolic rate in the morning more than taking whey protein powder pre sleep.  In other words if you want to lose weight, take casein before bedtime instead of whey.  I think most of you probably knew already to use casein before bedtime instead of whey, but I think most of you including myself did not know that it would help with your metabolic rate if you workout in the morning.

How about this idea for an awesome fat burning stack.

40 grams of casein protein powder before you go to sleep.

Wake up, 1 capsule of Capsimax

Hit the Inertia Wave for 1 round.

Then pump some iron!

Something tells me you’re going to be losing bodyfat with this stack!

casein protein powder

Birch Wood Sap

Gatorade is a workout drink or sports beverage.  In my opinion, it is complete garbage because it is made up of dextrose, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.  People that drink it, get fat.  Over the years sports nutrition enthusiasts figured this out, and wanted something better.  One of my favorites to hit the market was a product from rice called Cerasport.  I still feel it is the best sports beverage on the market.

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Not soon after that many more “alternative” sports drinks came about.  Pickle juice, coconut water, and now..birchwood sap.  Cool product out of Estonia.  It is similar to coconut water, but I think it has more nutrients and health benefits.  One study done in birch wood sap, was shown to help wound healing.

Coca-Cola and CBD Oil.

CBD oil has been booming lately because people are starting to realize the benefits of it.  Slowly but surely the marijuana plant is making its way into the markets.  Whether it be pharmaceutical companies making drugs out it, states making it legal to use, and now large corporate companies showing interest.  Coca-Cola is thinking about using it to make a soda out of it.  I think in a year or two you’ll see weed completely legalized and the marijuana industry exploding.

If you want to use CBD you have to be very careful, lost of krappy CBD Oil products out.  I only recommend one brand right now.

Beware Of Those Pre Workout Supplements With Caffeine.

I’ve said this over and over before but the common “pre-workout” supplements sold by most supplement outlets are just flavored powdered caffeine.  Caffeine is a drug that I recommend NEVER using.  Why? Let’s count the ways…

  1. It’s highly addicting.  If you physically need a pre-workout drink every day or need coffee every’re an addict.  Why someone would subject themselves to this is baffling to me.
  2. It releases cortisol in the body which is an ultra powerful hormone that promotes body fat increases and DECREASED in muscle mass.  A drug is stronger than anything natural.  So using caffeine pre-workout is a big mistake.

So you have a drug disguised as a sports nutrition aid that actually reduces muscle mass and helps you put on fat.  To make matters worse, new research was just published that shows MOST of the pre-workout supplements being sold today contain RANDOM amounts of caffeine.

Caffeine content of pre‐workout supplements commonly used by Australian consumers.

This does not surprise me one bit because, in my opinion, 99% of the supplement companies out there do not do any 3rd party testing on the products they buy from their contract packagers.   The contract packagers make the product and blast it out the door.  The dose of caffeine is in milligrams.  Nothing for nothing, but that is one small dose, and all of these ingredients in these preworkout powders have different densities and can cause different problems when they are being mixed.  Including all the weird flavoring ingredients as well.  So having one does have 20 mg of caffeine and the next serving have 400mg of caffeine is going to be common.  Do yourself a favor and use something that is actually HEALTHY for you, like Tectanic Red.

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Whey Vs. Casein, Vs Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

I found this interesting study the other day and it reaffirms the power of hydrolyzed protein.  The study compared whey protein, casein protein, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.  The researchers concluded that taking 60 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein was better for muscle building and recovery than 35 grams of whey protein.

But they found that 35 grams of whey and 35 gram of casein is better than 35 grams of hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Keep in mind that the biological value of whey and casein is much higher than wheat.  But when you pre-digest it does it raise the biological value?

I would never choose hydrolyzed wheat protein over whey and casein.  That would be just dumb.  Unless you were a vegan, but then you have lentil protein.

Interesting side note, about 15 years ago I used to sell hydrolyzed wheat protein isolate.  But I did not call it that because it was about 75% glutamine.  I sold it as glutamine peptides.  I dont feel the need to sell it anymore.  I would not but that over hydrolyzed BCAA in a million years.