New Study Alert: Eating Nitrates Could Boost Muscle Function

One of my no-brainer products is Tectanic Red. It is a designer beetroot powder made to contain more nitrates (the little gems that work the magic) than regular beetroot powder.

Nitrates work. Nobody has to wonder or experiment with this product. Take Tectanic Red and it will “work”.

Well, to further prove my point, a new study was just published.

You’ll notice the first thing you read in the study is, “Eating leafy green vegetables….”. The “magic” in green leafy vegetables is the inorganic nitrates contained in them. Hence, years ago I created a powder called, Tectanic, which was spinach powder and contained these inorganic nitrates. Using Tectanic made it much easier to consume inorganic nitrates. However years later, I upgraded my inorganic nitrate powder, which is now called Tectanic Red, to beetroot powder, but not the ordinary, China-sourced, beetroot powder that everyone is selling now. This is a designer beetroot powder that contains TEN times the amount of inorganic nitrates over regular beetroot powder. Amazing stuff!!

Nitrates positively affect muscle improvement. If you want to boost your gains….take Tectanic Red. It is that simple.

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