New Study On Ursolic Acid Showing Muscle Growth

A bunch of years ago a new supplement hit the market called ursolic acid.  It was triggered by a study that was very juicy and very sexy in terms of muscle building potential.  So what happened next?  You guessed it!  Supplement companies started to come out with ursolic acid supplements.  I wrote about it in this articlePeople started to gobble up these supplements, hoping that grew muscle like the rats did in the study,  but of course, the results were disappointing.  Ursolic acid supplements quickly fizzled out.

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Then another researcher invented another compound called tomatidine, which is very similar to ursolic acid.  A couple of supplement companies tried to come out with tomatidine supplements, but these were 100% fakes, because tomatidine for muscle growth is patented.

This company here is doing the work with tomatidine, but I have not seen any news in a while.


Therefore it seemed like all was dead in the water with ursolic acid and tomatidine until Korean researchers released this study this month.

The study concluded this:

“This study is meaningful in that ursolic acid was identified to have a possible use as an exercise mimetic for reduction of body weight or visceral fat mass and inhibition of muscle atrophy.”

Pretty cool and promising to say the least, but unfortunately, in the real world, ursolic acids supplement are not going to “work”.

For the past two years, I have slowly but surely, looking into the tomatidine and ursolic acid and I believe I know why they do not work as good as they should.  I cannot reveal what I have discovered.  All I can tell you is that I am progressing on it.  I do not have a timeframe as well.  I am thrilled about this new study from Korea, as it shows that ursolic acid can potentially build muscle.