Ursolic Acid Increases Muscle Mass But Supplement Companies Are Using The Wrong Kind, We Have The One That Works

Sometimes supplement companies will pick up on a study that shows some sort of ingredient increased muscle mass and reduced body fat and come out with a product that has that ingredient in it.  In this case the ingredient is Ursolic Acid.  However ONE big mistake practically every supplement company is making and what they should be doing when it comes to selling an ursolic acid supplement is that they are using ursolic acid from rosemary instead of a high-quality apple peel ingredient that I will reveal below.

About Ursolic Acid Supplement

Ursolic Acid is found in apple peels and rosemary extract.  However the study that showed that RATS whom used Ursolic Acid and increased muscle mass used Ursolic Acid from apple peels.

Here is the study. 

After that a bunch of supplement companies started to come out with Ursolic Acid supplements.  Labrada Nutrition was one of them and his product clearly states on the bottle that his Ursolic Acid comes from Rosemary Extract

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Wait I thought that the study said Apple Peels?  WTF is this rosemary extract.  Rosemary extract is very common in the supplement industry and its commonly made in China.  So any company wanting to make an Ursolic Acid supplement can do so very easily by simply calling up any Chinese supplement supplier and order up some rosemary extract.  Now here is the problem with this.  According to the FDA 111’s, all dietary supplements must be tested for strength, composition, and purity.  In order for any company to sell an ursolic acid supplement they need to have a 3rd party lab analysis that verified that what is on the label is in the bottle.  Now here, Labrada claims 150mg of Ursolic Acid per 4 capsules.  I would advise that anyone that wants to use this supplement calls up Labrada and asks to see the 3rd party lab analysis verifying that 150mg is actually in the bottle.

Now here is my second problem with the current ursolic acid supplements being sold today.  I know from my own personal research that the chinese suck balls when making product.  And if they say they are supplying you with rosemary extract, I can guarantee you that the ursolic acid amounts in the rosemary extract is below par and even totally absent.

Ok so I gave you the bad news about ursolic acid supplements, but let me know start to give you some good news.  The first bit of good news is from a second study done by some Koreans that actually used Labrada supplement and concluded that it worked…well sort of…it decreased fat and barely increased muscle mass.  Now here is what I think can be done about that and the reason why I like ursolic acid.

  1. Did these Korean researchers VERIFY that there was 150mg of ursolic acid in Labrada’s supplement?
  2. Does Labradas supplement actually contain any ursolic acid?
  3. What if the researchers actually got their hands on a verified and high-quality source of ursolic acid?
  4. If they did get high-quality ursolic acid from apple peels would the result would have been better?

You see I know where to get high-quality supplements and I wish the Koreans would have used this one.  Keep in mind this is NOT a supplement you can buy.  This is a raw material that you just HOPE that some supplement company buys and uses in their ursolic acid supplement.  The process actually takes the apple peel and gets all the juicy high-quality nutrition and concentrates.  And guess what? [clickToTweet tweet=”Use this form of ursolic acid to increase muscle mass, NO, its not from rosemary extract” quote=”Ursolic acid from apple peels should be used in supplements that are supposed to help increase muscle mass. Most supplements that contain ursolic acid use rosemary extract, a cheap ingredient from China”]

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Not only that but it contains a helluva lot other nutrients that can help you recovery from exercise and improve joint pain.  Unfortunately I do not know any companies selling it.