New Super Version Of Bio Serum 1 Coming Soon?

Bio Serum 1 is one of my favorite protein powders and quite frankly probably one of the best in the world.  This one of a kind protein is made from bovine plasma and contains a boatload of protein subfractions, which I think is the reason why so many people see great muscle building results from it.  You see Bio Serum 1 contains around 10% immunoglobulin G, which helps out your gut essentially along with a bunch of other things.  The manufacturer of Bio Serum thinks that gut health is the key to recover from bodybuilding and other sports activities.  Recently they gave me PDF to look at stating there case.  If you want to read it you can right here.

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It is kinda long read, but if you like reading about real science than it is great.

Bio Serum 1 is a special protein powder for other reasons besides the IGG.  It also contains insulin like growth factor or IGF-1.  As a matter of fact, results showed an average IGF-1 concentration of 0.60 +/- 0.10 micrograms IGF1/g of product.

IGF-1 is very interesting because one can find a ton of research studies on the anabolic hormone and how it will help you grow muscle.

Here are a few.

This research above is pretty cool because you can increase IGF-1 by taking creatine.

Now I mentioned above that a new SUPER version of Bio Serum 1 may be coming.  Well essentially it may.  The manufacturer of Bio Serum 1 can been able to amplify the amount of growth factors in the powder.  From what I am seeing they are increasing it 5 fold.  Instead of 10% IGG it will be 50% IGG.  They still have not told me the IGF-1 content, but it will be very interesting to know what it will be.

I think I can make it work better. 

Recently I have doing some research on growth factors and I believe I have found a way to make the Bio Serum 1 work better.  This is totally new stuff for the supplement industry and it will not take me long to create.  I cannot tell you what I am doing because someone will EASILY rip me off.  So I am going to keep this under wraps until I am ready to sell it and figure out if I can protect myself legally from being copied.

In the mean time, don’t be left behind and get yourself some Bio Serum 1.  You simply cannot go wrong with this product.  It is a super protein powder, and will most certainly help you with your immune system, gut health, muscle protein synthesis, recovery, and increase your amino acid intake.