No Brainer Supplements

I get asked alot about what supplements to use. For the past 20 years I have been helping people choose what supplements to buy and sell. I usually base it off what I would personally use. Or I ask my customers what their goals are. Some people will ask me, “Should I get Unleashed or Creapure?”. Other might ask me, “Should I use this BCAA’s and free form amino acids?”


No-brainer supplements are supplements that if you want to grow muscle than these are the products to buy BEFORE anything else.

There is absolutely no point in buying a test booster or free form amino acids if you are not using any no brainer supplements first.

Before test boosters, before nitric oxide boosters, before fat burners, before SARMS, or anything else that supplement companies try to sell you.
I tell my customers protein powders, Tectanic Red, and Creapure need to be consumed to give the body the best chance for muscle growth. I consider these bodybuilding foods. Not only that but they are good for overall health as well.
Now I’m adding another one.

curcuminoid supplement

You may remember that I wrote an article about this a product a couple months ago. Well the case keeps getting stronger for this no-brainer supplement.
Check this out. …..
It is a study on curcuminoids that concluded this….
Curcuminoids reduce muscle damage and improve muscle soreness in healthy young subjects following a bout of muscle damaging exercise. Faster recovery allows for consistent training at competition intensity and might lead to enhanced adaptation rate and performance.
I mean seriously, what else do you want in a bodybuilding supplement?
That is why I put this product on my “no-brainer” list.

So a typical stack would be…
taken post or pre workout
1/3 cup Muscle Shake1 tsp Creapure1 BananaBlueberries

Raw Honey Muscle

Curcumuscle caplets
Oh and tectanic red 2 hours pre workout.
You just cant get any better than this anywhere!