Supplement Tidbits: Measuring Protein Quality, Finding New Supplements, & More…

How To Measure the Quality of a Protein (Use the Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score!!)

If you’re an old geezer like myself, you’ll remember that when whey protein came out in the early 90’s, every marketing company was promoting the fact that it had a biological value of 98.   BIOLOGICAL VALUE!!!  Wow sounds so scientific!!  Some supplement companies still use this marketing mumbo jumbo, but the current, most accurate method to measure the quality of a certain protein source is DIAAS (Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score).  Here are the scores of some protein powders.  To bad hydrolyzed protein powders are not on the list.  Vegan protein powder users are not going to be very happy.  As you can see, pea protein is really low, and rice protein even lower.

digestable protein scroe


Want To Know Who Is Inventing New Ingredients?

I have said this numerous times over and over again.  But the lack of new ingredients being produced are far and few in between.  New supplements are not being invented at all.  Supplement companies just keep resurrecting old ingredients like BCAA’s.

The link below goes to the FDA’s site for new dietary ingredients (NDI).  New dietary ingredients must be approved by the FDA.  If you click on the link below you’ll see if any new ingredients are in the middle of being approved by the FDA.

The most interesting new ingredient is creatine acesulfame.  However, the FDA has not yet approved creatine acesulfame for supplement use.  But once approved it may be interesting to use.  I think the company that makes it is claiming it is more absorbable.

Krill Oil Is Anabolic

A new study was just published that showed taking 3 grams of krill oil per day helps increase muscle mass.

Lots of Citrulline in Watermelon

A couple of weeks ago we released citrulline peptides.  I gave some advice to combine watermelon and citrulline peptides to create a great pre-workout pump product.  The study below shows you just how much citrulline is in watermelon.  I thought it was pretty cool to show you because this is a legit pump pre-workout stack.