Only One Supplement Booth At the Arnold Classic Worth Visiting

The Arnold Classic is a huge fitness expo that brings most of the major players in the supplement business to Columbus Ohio.  It is massive, as tens of thousands of muscle heads attend the expo searching for free samples of supplements, take pictures with all of the booth babes and booth stud muffins, and generally have a lot of fun trying samples and trying to win free stuff.    Without a doubt the whole expo is a circus event and it was really fun.  As a supplement company owner, I used to have a booth for my business there.   Here is a picture of one of my first booths back in 1999.  I get a nice laugh out of this and I hope you laugh too..(that’s me on the left, look at the shit eatin grin on my face., notice my hands covering my boner!! LMAO)


Another reason why most people attend the Arnold Classic is to hopefully find a new supplement that is going to help them put on muscle.  Unfortunately for the last 20 years, there has not been one single supplement that fits this description.  The 80’s and the early 90’s were the renaissance era for sports nutrition supplements.  From creatine products to prohormones, new supplements were being invented left and right.  But since then nothing.  These massive supplement companies that make millions of dollars cannot seem to come out with anything new.  Even the supplement companies that are public MSLP cannot create anything new.    Therefore year after year, an attendee of the Arnold Classic that was hoping to find that new supplement left disappointed.   Nothing but the same old BCAA supplements and Pre-workout supplements loaded with caffeine.

I did not attend the Arnold Classic this year, but I did know of ONE supplement company that actually was worth going to check out.  Pretty sad, but totally true.  This company is called MYOS RENS.   MYOSRENS is the only supplement company there that had a “new” supplement.  This supplement is not that new, but is the newest out there.  The product is a myostatin inhibitor.  The product is fertile egg yolk powder that contains follistatin.  I would not really call this a follistatin supplement per se, I would just call it an egg yolk powder.  Ugh, yea I know, but this is a legit company and the product is one of kind.  Therefore you were not going to see a bunch of supplement companies carrying it like what commonly happens when a new supplement is invented.  Most of the time the company or person that invents this new supplement sells it to numerous supplement companies and let them fight for the market share.  Like Creapure for example.  

But this is not the case for MYOSRENS, as a public company, they have the responsibility to support their investors.  And in supporting their investors, they are currently in development of new muscle building supplements.  Most recently they posted this on their website…

MYOS RENS Technology, Inc. Announces Research Agreement with Rutgers University Focused on Discovery of Compounds and Products for Improving Muscle Health and Performance

This means to me that they are actively working on creating new products to increase muscle mass.  Pretty cool.  You really have to give this company credit because quite frankly, they pretty much are very cash-strapped and do not have a lot of resources to do this research and development.  The stock price is nearly under a dollar and the price pretty much flatlined all of 2017.  But they continue to forge forward to try to create new muscle building products.  In addition, I cannot find ONE other single supplement company besides mine that works on creating new supplements.  Most just focus on the next scam they can market or the new dumb flavor of protein they can invent.

Will they invent something new?  I have no clue, maybe they will maybe they won’t.  Only time will tell I guess.  But props to them for being the only booth at the Arnold Classic worth visiting.  If you were there and saw this booth and talked to them please leave let me know and comment below.  Thank you.

If you wanted to try their product you can get it off  You have to buy at least 2 to 3 months if you want to see anything.

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