Using Salmobolic 98 To Get More Muscle & Less Fat

The good news just keeps stacking up for Salmobolic 98 (hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate).  The study below shows that people who used it lost bodyfat.  Not only did they lose bodyfat but alot of it.  What is cool about this study is that they compared it with hydrolyzed whey protein.  I would say MOST people that work out want to gain muscle and lose fat, which is very hard to do.  But according to this study it may be possible.


You can do that exact same thing that they did in this study.  Take 16 grams of Salmobolic 98 for 42 days.   1 bag should last you the 42 days.  20 grams per day X 30 days is 600 grams.  There are 900 grams in 2 lbs, so you should be good.