Putting Together a REDACTED Supplement Stack For Emergency Use

Disclaimer: I’m not really a conspiracy theory guy, but I have enough wisdom to know some things. Therefore I spelled the name of the ailment incorrectly.

I’m a supplement expert. My focus is obviously on bodybuilding, muscle, and sports nutrition with a concentration in protein powder. However, I do “dabble” in other areas. I like to research anti-cancer supplements, anti-aging, and now REDACTED. I venture into the other areas because I feel that I could help people out, because yes, my readers are into bodybuilding, however, like myself, one does have other interests. So If I can be of help in those areas as well, why not?

I cannot help but see the research coming in about REDACTED. It is just too fascinating and interesting for me to ignore. It literally touches everyone. I feel my job is to provide my readers and customers with the best information on supplements that I can find. That is what I have been doing for the past 20 plus years. If you want the best info on supplements, you come to Proteinfactory.com. If you want hype and smoke blown up your ass, head over to pretty much any other website. I almost feel it is my duty to supply my customers with this information about supplements and their effect on REDACTED. Because quite frankly, I feel it is not talked about enough.  

That being said, I have been reading a boatload of research coming in about REDACTED. Not only that but a lot of ingredient manufacturers over in Europe are producing compounds and raw materials to battle this thing. Therefore in this article, I am going to share with you some of my favorites.


Right off the bat, you have to go with Phytorelief-CC. That I feel is the best first line of defense, and of course, I have been preaching about it for months and months on end. You can get it right here and listen to my podcasts about it. 


I found some studies done in Italy that are super compelling. Essentially the researchers found that people that supplemented with quercetin and were also infected had much better outcomes than those without.


Check out their conclusion.

Querefit is a safe agent and, in combination with standard care, when used in the early stage of viral infection, could aid in improving the early symptoms and help in preventing the severity of REDACTED disease. It is suggested that a double-blind, placebo-controlled study should be urgently carried out to confirm the results of our study.

Group QP is the quercetin group. NOBODY died and NOBODY in the ICU!!!

Now, if you are a Proteinfactory.com reader, you should know by now that you just don’t run out to Walmart and scan the aisle for quercetin and buy it. Do that, and you’ll end up with God knows what and most likely shit from China. Instead, you take my recommendation. And my recommendation is a product called Quercefit. I recommend this product because it is made by an unbelievable high-quality company, AND it is made to be 20X more absorbable than regular old Walmart-type quercetin. Now, where can you buy this?

Here is my recommendation

Now keep in mind the research calls for 1000mg per day. One bottle will last you two weeks. You will need a one-month supply. Thus, you will buy two bottles. 

How to use it.  

In my opinion, I would use it if I got infected without question. I mean, seriously, take a look at the results of the study that involved about 150 people. Out of the people took the Quercefit. Nobody died, and nobody needed oxygen, and nobody found themselves in the ICU. Yes, I have four bottles in my house. If I ever get it or a loved one…you can be sure they will be using this stuff. 

Vitamin D.

It is clear to me that people with low levels of Vitamin D have an issue with getting infected. Therefore my recommendation is to make sure that you are not one of those. One’s first source is Vitamin D is the sun. Get out outside, my friends. The easiest, in my opinion, is hiking or walking. Take a minimum 1-hour walk a day. Your dog will thank you.   

vitamin d for covid 19

How To Get Vitamin D

My favorite way is eating mushrooms, shiitake in particular. But if you do not like mushrooms, then you can also get a supplement. The powder is the way to go. I would get an organic brand and go with the shiitake or the turkey tail.  

Heres the brand

How Much To Use.

Now the supplement facts panel on this product recommends two grams. But in my opinion that is not nearly enough. I would aim for 20 grams per day or ten at the minimum. One bottle of this stuff is about 200 grams; thus, I would get two bottles if I was to get infected.

In conclusion, this is the “emergency kit” I would have on hand if I became infected. Because as of right now, from what I have been reading, one cannot be treated at your local doctor’s office if one is infected. The doctor simply sends you home and tells you your SOL.  

UPDATE August 25th, 2021: I just found a really good article. Must read for sure.