From the Research & Development Desk, Plus Company Updates.

I am always working on new products. The most recent was the Electro Bolt 600. Nothing for nothing, but I love this stuff. If you have not used electrolytes yet, I highly recommend you get a bottle. It’s a game changer. I personally add this to my water every morning. Here are some products that are in the works.

My first is the anabolic oil. I am having issue with importation, but don’t worry I will get it through customs.

Tasteless protein powder. I am importing this one as well. It comes from a unique source. Should be ready in September

Goat Whey or Milk protein. Scientifically this ranks the highest on the D.I.A.A. chart. Few months on this one.

I am developing a new high-protein snack mix with another company. They bought the rights and formula from me, so it will be in their packaging, but I formulated it, and it is my idea, so it obviously gets my stamp of approval. It should be in June or July.

Clear whey protein. I showed everyone on video how I made 300 gram of protein in 1 gallon jug. End of August for this one.

Fermented Ginger Root Extract. I love ginger, in my opinion it is a super food.

Bio Serum 2. This will come from a different animal source.

New packaging is coming soon. Rolling out the 10 lbs bags first. It’s a fully custom-printed bag with the original Protein Factory logo, man.