Your Questions Answered About UNLEASHED

With the excited anticipation of Unleashed coming back in stock after almost a year absence, Nelson Montana has put together a common questions and answers post for us.

UNLEASHED is the most effective Testosterone booster available and the one used by most bodybuilders experienced in supplement use.  It’s safe, it’s strong, and it works on a principle unlike no other —  it supports your natural testosterone to become more bio-available, which in turn produces more strength, a stronger sex drive and the potential for more muscle.

Here are some of the most asked questions about UNLEASHED.

How many capsules?

Three tablets once a day is the recommended dosage. That make one bottle last a month.  Though some men like to use it as a “pro-sexual” boost and double the dosage.

How long can I take UNLEASHED?  

It is recommended that you use UNLEASHED for up to 3 months and then take a break for a week or two.

How Does it Work?

UNLEASHED works in a way like no other supplement. It helps lower the enzymes that binds to testosterone, allowing more of your natural hormones to be active in the bloodstream.  In this way, you do not add anything artificial, instead, simply make the most of what you already have.

How much testosterone does it increase?  

Unlike other testosterone boosters which increase overall testosterone for a short lived spike, and leaving most of it unbound, UNLEASHED may increase free, active testosterone up to 25%.  That’s close to a light steroid cycle, with none of the dangers of steroids!

Do I Cycle?

UNLEASHED can be used alone or along with a steroid cycle to make it more effective.  On its own it is not suppressive.

Are there side effects?

No. UNLEASHED is side effect free. Once you stop using it, testosterone levels start to fall back to their natural state, but no lower.

Is there a best time to take it?

3 caps after breakfast and 3 before bed works well for most people.

Can I take more to be more effective?

As mentioned, it does have a pro-sexual effect but some guys also like it as a pre-workout boost.

Can I stack it with anything?

UNLEASHED can be stacked with anything. There are no counter indications.

Can I NOT stack it with anything?

Stacking UNLEASHED with Viagra or Cialis will help supports an increase of effect. For that reason caution should be taken since an erection can be too intense or last too long.

What kind of results should I expect?

The first thing most people notice is increased sex drive.  Then within a week or so, increased strength and harder muscles.

Do you guarantee it?

Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee

Does it increase sex drive?

For most people, they feel it definitely does!  Though many things are a factor with libido, UNLEASHED helps support an improvement in  desire and erectile strength.

Does it increase erection?

Though UNLEASHED will not cause spontaneous erections, many people report improved “morning wood.” That is due to the supporting increase in free testosterone.

Can I stack with Tribulus?

Yes. If you get good results from Tribulus you’ll get even better results if stacking it with UNLEASHED.

Are there any other supplements like UNLEASHED?

No. UNLEASHED is one of a kind. It was the very first supplement to work by releasing free testosterone and due to its success, others have copied that angle as an advertising ploy, but their products fall short. That’s because UNLEASHED uses a  very specific high potency extract of Avenacosides (A&B) in a combination of other ingredients that synergistically work to make it the most powerful testosterone booster on the market.  And customers agree.