How Not To Get Ripped Off When Buying Testosterone Supplements

If you’re looking to buy Testrol you might want to think twice.  This is a classic kitchen sink formula, which contains ingredients that may or may not support testosterone function and may or may not contain ingredients sourced from China.  Instead you want to buy testosterone supplements that contain only 1 ingredients.  This way you can be sure you are getting quality test boosting supplements and not kitchen sink supplements like Testrol.

Ok, so you wanna have the sex drive like Megan Fox?  There are a ton of testosterone supplements out there, but most suck ass because the ingredients comes from China.  Let me tell you how to buy real testosterone products that will give you the best chance to increase your sex drive and/or test levels.

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When it comes to selling quality product I cant over emphasize enough that you KNOW where your ingredients comes from, for example creatine.  If you do not know that your creatine comes from Alzchem (the manufacturer) in Germany that you are consuming Chinese made creatine.  And if you’re consuming Chinese made creatine than you’re using low quality creatine…no doubt about it.  However many sports nutrition companies have no problem putting Chinese creatine into their products.  Why?  Well come on!  Don’t be a naive!  Profits!  Chinese creatine cost 50% less than Creapure  (the Alzchem bRand).  And when you’re selling a lot of product that equals a lot of money.  The problem is the way the sports nutrition companies market their products.  They use the terms like “The company you can count on for quality” or “The most potent form of creatine you can buy”.  The marketing is down right shady!

Ever since I started 1998 I knew that quality products sell.  If you don’t sell quality products you have to fool people with slick marketing.  And being a graduate of Rider University, at the age of 22, with a degree in Sociology, a 2.1 GPA, and knowing nothing about marketing I knew that I had to sell the best quality products if I was going to survive, grow, and compete, in the sports nutrition business.  And that is why I have seen companies come and go while my company has stayed in business.  I have been attacked and slander by my competition.  I have had people actually attempt to break into the in attempt to defame my business.  All along has stood strong because smart people know the truth.  And the truth is that sells the best quality products in the world and at the lowest prices.  And I refuse to sell out to the large companies or mega distributors that will jack up the prices and lower the quality, which is what the current state of 99% of the products on the retail shelf today.


That being said lets us talk about testosterone supplements, and not it is not Testrol.   One potent testosterone supplement, Bulgarian Tribulus.  Bulgarian Tribulus has been around for over 15 years.  Everyone that has ever taken a sports nutrition product has one time or another either heard of tribulus or has even taken it.  If you have taken it you might be saying this stuff is a scam or this stuff is great, or this stuff worked for me one time, but didn’t work another time.  I’ll now explain why Tribulus did or didn’t work for you and why I decided to import it.

Anabolic steroids build muscle quickly, everyone knows that.  One of the keys to building muscle is to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids.  For example, we have the Depo Nitrolase 250 and that does a great job mimicking the enzyme activation increase like anabolic steroids do.  However, testosterone is a MAJOR player in building muscle mass,  increased levels of testosterone in the body equals increased muscle mass.  Over the years a handful of raw materials have been marketed at increasing testosterone levels in humans.  Now I don’t mean “PRODUCTS” I mean raw materials!  Whats the difference?  Raw materials are the actual ingredients IN the products.  For example you have the raw material whey protein, but you can have many products that contain Whey protein.  Thus only a handful of raw materials have been marketed to raise testosterone levels in humans.  And one of the first ones was Tribulus terrestris.  I am not going to bore you with the history and why it works, blah blah, blah.  You can easily google that.  But what you wont easily find on the internet is legitimate Bulgarian Tribulus.  And even if you do find a company that CLAIMS to have 100% Bulgarian Tribulus chances are that it doesn’t and really contains product made in China or India.  Instead you want to find legitimate 100% made, grown, and packaged Bulgarian Tribulus.  Yes even the Tribulus must be GROWN and harvested in Bulgaria.  This ensures the pharmacology and the active substances in the herb.  You never want to Tribulus unless you order it direct from Bulgaria.  Don’t order it from, don’t get it at GNC, find a place in Bulgaria that has it and get it shipped from Bulgaria to your house.

In conclusion, Bulgarian Tribulus is a worthy testosterone product to buy.  There aren’t many legitimate raw materials on the face of the earth that could be effective at raising ones testosterone levels.  The only other raw material I can think of is an ingredient called LJ100.  Many of you have heard me mention this before.  Other than that, that’s about it.   And don’t be fooled by all the other supplement companies testosterone products that claim to be like steroids.  Don’t be a dumbass and just read the front of the label.  Be smart.  Look at the ingredients.  If there are more than 5 ingredients you know the products sucks.  You look for 1 ingredient in a product, not 60.

So maybe get yourself a bottle of Bulgarian Tribulus and stack it with LJ100 and our Unleashed and Post Cycle.  You’ll have an awesome libido effect no doubt, and hopefully after that strength gains and then MUSCLE!!!  YES!!  The Bulgarian tribulus to raise your T level and the Unleashed will help you use it more!  Post will help with estrogen management.  Notice we did not include Testrol.

The Stack (without Testrol)

1 capsule of Bulgarian Tribulus

3 capsules of Unleashed

3 capsules of Post Cycle

Drawback of Testrol Supplements

  1.  Kitchen Sink supplements are typically filled with Chinese ingredients
  2. It is rare they contain branded ingredients
  3. contains not enough of certain ingredients to be effective

Bulgarian Tribulus