Revealing SARMs Podcast You Cannot Afford To Miss

In this podcast, I interview a real manufacturer of research peptides that produce such peptides as SARMs, Ostarine, LGD-4033, BPC 157, PT 141, and more. He reveals how SARMs are made, what is in SARMs that should not be, the difference between powder and liquid SARMs, and more. You cannot afford to miss this revealing podcast.

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SARMS for sale

The SARMs industry is a grey market industry. Most of the companies that have SARMs for sale are simply buying them from China and have ZERO chemistry or science backgrounds. This leads to bad quality products because the seller and the person buying them literally has no idea what they are buying. In past articles, I talked about getting 3rd party analysis. This is truly the only way to know what you are getting. But in the past, I knew of no company that was making research peptides in the United States. However, I found one company that was based in the US and I did a great podcast with one of the owners.