Why I Am Leaving the Sports Nutrition Business & So Should You!

I was researching Instagram the other day for my business and seeing how I could grow my following to help promote my business.  I looked at some supplement companies like Optimum Nutrition and Muscle Pharm.  They essentially just have posts with pictures of their products.

Muscle Pharm gives you some exercise routines to follow, kinda lame.

Then doing some more research I found this article.


Then I clicked on the video and almost wanted to throw up.

Then it hit me in the face like a hockey puck off a slap shot.  Or just like a big slap in the face, if you ever got slapped before.

I want everyone reading the article to watch this video closely, because this is the bullshit that is the sports nutrition industry.

This video made me realize that the sports nutrition industry has absolutely NOTHING to do with quality supplements.  Absolutely NOTHING!  Up until this point my marketing mind set was that I was competing against companies like Shredz, Muscle Pharm, ON, and all the rest.  But the fact of the matter is that I am not.  For they cannot compete against me and I do NOT wish to compete against them.

If you watch this Shredz video THIS is what the sports nutrition consumers buy into and this is what I have no interest in at all.  Because what I see in this Shredz video is nothing more than lies, artificial scenarios, phoniness, fraud, and fictitious bullshit.

Let me explain.

You see when I look at my competitors I look to see their supplements…but I have to filter through all this bullshit.

Take a look at second number 35 from the video above.


Ok so you got a guy taking a picture of another guy looking over the skyline of NYC.  I’m sorry, but my opinion is that to me this is fake bullshit.  Honestly WTF is this supposed to be and convey to the viewer?  Wow, look at the owner of Shredz looking all like inspirational and important.  He’s so awesome!  What does this have to do with quality supplements?  In my life I would never pose for a picture like this.  I would feel it is fake, and phony, and completely artificial.

Then at 41 seconds you have Johnny Swole or whatever the hell his name is, doing a double bicep pose shouting, “Hey NYC Boom!”.  What’s that supposed to mean?…that you got that big from taking Shredz supplements?  In my opinion he looks like he takes massive amounts of anabolic steroids.

Then the video goes to Arvil , I’m guessing the owner of Shredz and he starts talking about the Olympia and his booth.  The Olympia is a bodybuilding contest that Arnold Schwazzenger once won.  It is the like the Super Bowl of bodybuilding contests and it is held in Las Vegas Nevada every year.  They have an expo that alot of supplement companies exhibit their booths at.  You would think it would be about supplements and how they work, new kinds of supplements, research, and the formulators and inventors of these supplements, but it is not.

Let me explain what these shows are and what goes on for those that never attended one.  Remember I have been doing these shows for over 15 years.  Here is a picture of me at one of the shows I did about 15 years ago.  Don’t laugh!

proteinfactory arnold classic

These shows are nothing more than a circus act.  And when I say a circus act I mean it is nothing but fake, phony, artificial,  and made up song and dance.  Here is how the Olympia shows works.

  1. if you’re a supplement company you pay for some booth space and make an bad ass looking booth.  (big graphics, music, and a ton of samples)
  2. you hire a bunch of models to wear skimpy clothes and give out your samples.  (see models below)

Lets take a look at some pictures of the Olympia Expo 2015


Ok not to bad….do you think these girls can explain ANYTHING about the supplements they are promoting?


then you have these girls at the Muscle & Fitness Booth…whatever….

But then you have stuff like this.  Girls on stripper poles…again what does this have to do with supplements?


Ok I just found this video and it will show you what one of these expos is really all about.  Just fast forward past this guys commentary to the expo…

So if you got through that video you will realize that the expos are nothing more than supplement companies giving away stuff for free. Nothing about quality supplements, no lectures on ingredients or new cutting edge supplements, no research studies, nothing about the FDA regulations.  No information about quality.  Just free samples of stuff and girls at the booths showing off their tits and asses acting like they are an important part of the supplement company they are representing.

Like I was saying.  One BIG GIANT circus act!

Now let’s get back to the original Shredz video above.  Fast forward to the 2 minute mark.

The kid in the video says something like, “We have over 1000 people in line and I have no idea what is going to happen when they close this place down.”.  The video then shows people in line crowding the booth and more people crowding here and there etc. Wow what are they waiting in line for?  To buy Shredz supplements?  To hear the owner talk about how this supplements work? Or discuss the ingredients inside them and how he formulated them?  To hear about how Shredz supplements produce such remarkable physique changing results?  To get a chance to grab Paige Hathaways titties?  To get an autograph from Joey Swolle because soooooo many people want to look like him?    Maybe…

But let me give you the REAL reason why I think most people are crowding the Shredz both:  FREE T-SHIRTS!!!

The ONLY reason that most people are crowding the Shredz booth is to get a free T-shirt.  Yes a free T shirt, and maybe a free small packet of a supplement or something along those lines.  Sounds dumb right?  That someone would stand in line for a long time just to get a free t-shirt and 3 pills.

Well it is true.  I have witness it myself firsthand, and you know it is true if you have ever been to the Olympia Expo, La FIT expo, or Arnold Classic Expo.  People will wait hours just to get free stuff.  And free t-shirts giveaways at these expos is like if you we’re throwing about 100 dollar bills to the crowd.  People go nuts.  Watch the video closely and you’ll see what I am saying.

When I used to have booths at the Arnold Classic and Olympia I did the same thing.  I gave away T shirts.  If I wanted to draw a huge crowd around my booth I would get my booth babes that were working for me to start throwing out T shirts.  Next thing you know it would be a freakin riot around your booth.  I would feel all important because I was created such a commotion in the expo, but in reality it was only because people wanted a free t-shirt, not because they we’re so excited about Proteinfactory.com

So that is really all it takes to get a massive crowd at your booth at one of these shows…start throwing T shirts.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Does anyone in line at these expos waiting for free shit care about quality supplements? ” quote=”Does anyone in line at these expos waiting for free shit care about quality supplements? “]Does anyone in waiting an hour for a free t shirt care about if the supplement company is registered with the FDA?  Does anyone on these long lines care if the supplement contains what it says it contains on the bottle?  Does anyone care if Shredz has a standard operating manual?

The answer to all these questions is unequivocally no!  99% of the people attending these expos could care less about any of these questions.  All they want is the free fucking t-shirt and a chance to grab Paige Hathaways side boob when they get a picture taken with her

The sports nutrition industry is made up of companies like Shredz.  Companies that use the same marketing technique as Shredz.

I don’t roll like that…

I’m sorry but taking selfies looking or the NY skyline aint my thing.

Giving out free T shirts to make it look like people are going crazy for my supplement company…. is not my thing

Paying a guy that looks like he’s taking steroids to promote my company is not my thing.

Showing people that I’m driving in a Limo with my sunglasses on to look like I”m some big hot shot supplement company owner….. aint my thing.

Wearing tight shirts, tight paints, putting hair gel in my hair…..aint my thing.  (if you want to know more of whom I am click here)

After watching this Shredz video, it made me realize that I was chasing the wrong rabbit down the wrong hole.  I was constantly looking at this marketing and trying to figure out how I could build my business.  Then, as I mentioned above it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’m not a sports nutrition company anymore.  I am not in the same business industry as companies like Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Pharm, and all the rest.

Proteinfactory is different than all the other companies out there.  Yes we may sell the same proteins and other supplements but we do not share the same ideals and morals.  You see the sports nutrition industry as we know it, and as you can witness by watching the videos above, is nothing more than a circus act.  Dominated by companies that use phony and artificial marketing techniques to sell you there supplements.  Whether it is something as simply as paying a anabolic steroid abuser to say they use their supplements to an elaborate hoax of a video on Youtube.

I do not want any part of this non sense anymore.  I will create my own INDUSTRY of supplements.  One that will not pay anabolic steroid abusers to FAKE that they use my supplements.  Or pay Instagram “fitness” females to FAKE pose with my products.  Or throw out T shirts at any of these expos to try to make my company “look” impressive.

Proteinfactory is REAL.  I’m a real guy that sells real high quality supplements.  I wake up, put on jeans and a t shirt and head to work.  I dont drive a Rolls Royce, I drive a pick up truck, because I need spot for my hockey bag, surfboard, dogs or kids.  I dont wear expensive sunglasses because I lose and break them quite often while usually doing something like kayaking or hiking.  I dont look like I use steroids because I dont.  I know that they are bad for my health and I’d rather be 6 foot 190lbs , then 6 foot and 225lbs using  steroids.

Therefore, from this point on I am no longer a sports nutrition company.  I am just a company that sells products to help build muscle, improve strength, lose fat and make you look better on the inside and out.  I no longer wish to be associated with this dirty, scammy, fake, phony, and artificial industry.

I will come out with a new industry name that I will be categorized under.