Stanford Neuroscientist Agrees With Me: Get Off The Cortisol Train!

I’ve never been a fan of caffeine. In my opinion, it is a catabolic drug. As a person who constantly wants more muscle, I avoid caffeine. It is a fact that caffeine releases cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a powerful catabolic hormone.

About four years ago, I wrote an article about the “cortisol train”. I got a lot of feedback from that article. Mostly hate, of course, because millions of Americans love caffeine, and bodybuilders, in particular, LOVE to use “pre-workout” supplements. I even saw some articles come out AFTER I wrote my article, concluding that cortisol is a good thing. However, all this hate did not dissuade me from my stance to recommending avoiding caffeine, primarily upon waking and pre-workout. 

Now, take a look at what has just been published on a major news website.

Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman lays out the perfect morning routine that he says will ‘make you better at everything’ – and includes drinking a glass of SALT WATER every day

In this article, he recommends staying away from caffeine first thing in the morning.

Additionally, after I read the article, I had to laugh because this is pretty much my daily routine. But more importantly, I’ve been pounding the table on this for about 15 years! Stay the hell away from caffeine. The ONLY time I will use caffeine is for safety. The other night, I went to the Guns and Roses Concert after work. It was a 90-minute drive home. I drank some RUNA on the way home, so I don’t fall asleep at the wheel.

Typically, I will wake up at about 530 AM. I’ll walk my dog Charlie to the beach (see pictures below). If I am lucky and there are no clouds, I”ll get to see the sunrise. It might sound kooky, but these walks by myself and Charlie give me time to think about my day, my life, and anything else that I need to get grounded with. I never drink coffee or have breakfast. Usually, around 1 pm or 2 pm, I”ll have a light lunch: nothing fried, no preservatives, no soy, no sugar or sweeteners. I usually prefer my powders with greens and mushroom tablets. Bottom line, I’ll stay as organic as I can, plus get some protein. 

If you agreed with me four years ago, I hope it worked out for you and you’re healthy and in better shape. If you disagreed with me, this dude from Stanford Scientist may sway you to get off the cortisol train!