The Top 10 Rules For Buying Fat Burners

With the tremendous amount of weight loss supplements and fat burners on the market, it makes it very difficult to find which ones will produce the best results.  To make matters worse, there are thousands of websites that try to convince you what the best fat burners are, meanwhile they are nothing more than scam websites that try to sell you whatever product they are trying to push.

Have no fear, because my name is Alex Rogers, and I’m a dietary supplement manufacturing expert of almost 20 years and I am going to tell you the top 10 rules on how to buy the best fat loss supplements.  These rules will tell you how find the best, most effective fat burners on the market and which ones to avoid.

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Rule #1

Buy Single Ingredients

When shopping for a fat burner make sure that it is made up of only ONE ingredient.  For example, if you wanted to buy garcinia cambogia, you want to make sure it contains JUST garcinia cambogia and nothing else. By buying single ingredient fat burners you’ll know if it works or not.  Then you can start to eliminate fat burning ingredients that you do not like.  If you use fat burners with multiple ingredients you’ll never know what ingredients work for you or which ones do not.

Additionally, be in the mind set of buying ingredients, not name brands.  Meaning, instead of focusing on the front of the label and being sold on the name brand fat burner like, “Super Duper Fat Shredder”, focus on looking at the back of the label and finding what ingredient it is made of.  Is it cayenne pepper, green tea, caffeine, fucoxanthin etc?

Rule #2

Buy Branded Ingredients

Keep this in mind, supplement companies do not manufacturer the ingredients they use in their supplements.  They buy them from ingredient manufacturers.  Let’s take cayenne pepper, which helps increase thermogenesis, which helps burning calories.  A high quality branded cayenne pepper ingredient that I recommend is called Capsimax.  It is made by Omni Actives.  This is a branded cayenne pepper fat burning ingredient.  But you do have generic cayenne pepper powders, that are made in China, that are very low quality.  You want to avoid generic fat burning ingredients and always look for branded ingredients.

Rule #3

Make sure you know the correct dose of the ingredient you want to use.

For example, 7 keto DHEA can be used for weight loss at a dosage of about 200mg per day.  Therefore, pick a supplement that will give you that dosage per serving.  Sometimes you’ll see supplement companies list certain ingredients on their product, but do not give you the recommended manufacturers dosage.  Instead, they provide a dose that is under what the manufacturer recommends.

Rule #4

Know the company who makes it

Make sure that you can identify the supplement company whom you are buying from.  You should easily be able to find the company on the supplement label and their phone number so you can call them and ask them questions.  Then when you call them, a human should answer, not a robot.  That human should know about the ingredients in their supplement.  If they don’t then you know they are just a marketing company selling a fat burner.

Rule #5

Make sure it has some research behind it

After you have identified the branded single ingredient that you want to buy, make sure you find the research behind it.  Take for example Citrus Aurantium, and the branded ingredient Kinetiq.  You can find the research that Novel Ingredients (the company that makes it) have conducted on this ingredient.  As opposed to genertic citrus aurantium that is made in China that has no research behind it.

Rule #6

Make sure it does not have caffeine

In my opinion, caffeine is not a fat loss supplement.  Caffeine increases cortisol which makes it HARDER to burn fat and easier to lose muscle.


Supplement companies use caffeine as a marketing trick.  This marketing trick is..”If you feel it you’ll THINK it is working”.  Yes you will feel the jolt from caffeine, but as far as is working making it harder for you to lose body fat

Rule #7

Make sure it does not have CLA

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is widely used in many fat loss supplements.  However, CLA is probably one of the least effective fat loss ingredients on the planet.  CLA has been around now for over 20 years, and I don’t know one single person who has used CLA and said it helped them lose body fat.  In addition, most of the supplements that do contain CLA are underdosed.  It takes 1.5 grams of CLA per day, taken 3 times a day, to even give it a CHANCE to help you lose fat.  Stay away from CLA if you are using it as a fat loss supplement, it is a joke.

Rule #8

Make sure it is not a kitchen sink supplement

Below is an example of a kitchen sink supplement.  Look how many ingredients are in this product.  Kitchen sink supplements are simple marketing tricks.   The supplement company that sells this product thinks that if the potential buyer sees how many ingredients it contains they will buy it.  Do not buy kitchen sink fat loss supplements.


Rule  #9

Don’t be fooled by before and after

Most before and after photos are fake.   They are usually manipulated one way or another.

Rule #10

Don’t buy gender specific fat burners.  I have recently seen this trend pop up in the supplement industry with names like,  “Fat Loss for Her”.  Typically these supplements will have pink coloring on the labels.   This is another marketing scam.  There is no such thing as fat loss ingredients developed and manufactured for certain genders.  Just like cold medicines or other over the counter medications are not gender specific.  Wouldn’t it sound ridiculous if a company marketing an over the counter cough suppressant for women?  Of course, it would.  So why would you buy a fat burner supplement marketed towards a certain gender.

In conclusion, if you follow these rules I gave you above, you should be able to purchase effective fat burners that have good research and are the latest in fat burning technology.  If you do not follow these rules, then you’ll be purchasing fat burners that could be underdosed, contain low-quality ingredients, be counterproductive, and flat out do not work.

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