TESTOSTERONE — The Most Important Hormone Your Body Produces

By Nelson Montana

Is that title an over estimation?  Testosterone is THE most important?   After all, it wasn’t too many years ago when testosterone wasn’t really recognized beyond that fact that men produce it and it inevitably lessens with age.  It was regarded as the cause of prostate disease, aggressive behavior, a  bad temperament and a host of other unpleasant problems.   All of which is now know to be untrue.  Further more extensive studies have shown that testosterone actually prevents prostate disease, and it’s a low level that causes an irritable personality, along with weakness, loss of concentration, and  greater risk for heart attack.  A high/healthy level promotes well being, a strong libido, energy, stamina, strength and the ability to more efficiently burn fat and build muscle. In other words, testosterone makes a man a man. But it’s also important to women for many of the same reasons.  


It’s also been shown that men who excel tend to have higher testosterone levels.  Successful women also tend to have high testosterone levels. Some people may see that as “aggression” but it’s really ambition. It all depends on how you want to direct it. 



Ten years ago, testosterone replacement for those who had low levels (from either a physical debilitation or simply from old age) was all but unheard of, and often discouraged by most doctors. Today, millions of men (and women) are supplementing their testosterone and maintaining healthier, more youthful bodies into their 40’s 50’s and beyond.  But testosterone can begin to wane to a man in his 20’s. And in general, men’s testosterone is lower than it was in the mid 20th century due to increased stress, less nutritious food, pollutants and estrones in everything from plastic water bottles to irradiated microwave meals.  The “average” testosterone for a 30 year old man is around 700 when 1000 would be optimum.  



And if all this isn’t discouraging enough, what matters more than the total testosterone is what’s called “FREE” testosterone — that’s the stuff that is active in the bloodstream.  That too is on the decline.  So what can be done about it? 


Most men don’t want to go on testosterone therapy until it’s absolutely necessary, so the alternative is to use supplements to increase their natural testosterone. The problem is,  most so called T boosters do absolutely nothing. (Or maybe they create a tiny spike for an hour or two   which adds up to pretty much no effect at all.)  Some herbal concoctions will raise estrogen along with testosterone, so it’s a wash in regard to the benefits.  And many of these supplements will increase T only to suppress your natural production because you became reliant on it. And remember, all that matters is what is bio-available — not, the total amount.  


So, is it hopeless?   


No.  Here’s what you can do. 


The key is to support your ability to make the most of the testosterone you produce naturally, AND, to have as much of it in the free, unbound state.  And there is one product that is specifically designed to do just that.  UNLEASHED from Proteinfactory.com


UNLEASHED is unlike anything else on the market. In fact, bodybuilders have been using it for years to get that “extra edge” in building muscle faster.  Even steroid using athletes are using it because once they come off of a cycle they need to get their own testosterone production as high as possible, as quickly as possible. That’s why they turn to UNLEASHED. It’s become the NUMBER ONE selling post cycle supplement among hardcore bodybuilders. 


UNLEASHED contains a combination of ingredients that are proven to raise free testosterone without side effects. So you get all the benefits without any of the drawbacks.  


So why go through life not feeling your best?  Why not have the most strength and muscle possible?  Why not have a strong sex drive and unyielding energy every day of the week?  You can — with UNLEASHED.  It’s the original —  the one and only  — and the best.  Try it and see for yourself.