Legal Steroids — The Simple Science Why Most Don’t Work

Looking for Legal Steroids?  Hold on.  Before you buy what might be worthless, or worse, harmful, take a little time and understand what you’re getting — or not getting.  It’s true that there are legal substances that can help you with your muscle building goals, but buyer beware.  Read this first.

When it comes to building muscle,  we all want the best results they can get, and we want them fast! But bodybuilding is a tough sport and though progress will be made, and the gains will come, it’s a slow process. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work, commitment, perseverance, and an intense dedication to be willing to slave away, day after day, to push through there pain, rep after rep, set after set —  sometimes, only to see the slightest change.   That’s when we start to look for a little help.  What can be done to make more dramatic improvements, and make them quicker?  Supplements help, as does a smart training program. Diet is a big factor of course. But nothing works as well as when you add the X factor element —  anabolic steroids.


Of course, steroids have both legal and health consequences. Some people may call  it a short cut, but for the genetically average guy, it’s just a little boost.  But the risk of getting arrested just isn’t worth it. Neither is possible liver damage, infection, stroke and all the other potential side effects of steroids.  When it comes to legal steroids, are they made by a pharmaceutical company, or in some guys garage?  Are they even real?  Take your chances. Spend your money and find out.

Legal steroids don’t carry the risk of criminality of genuine steroids and they (supposedly) are safer.   But in the case of products sold as Legal Steroids, though they may be legal, and they may be called “steroids”  they not only act nothing like real steroids, they’re also every bit as much of a health risk.  Suddenly, the appeal doesn’t seem so great.  So what’s the answer?   It’s simple. It just takes a little  understanding as to how they work and why they may or may not work.  Once you know that, you’ll never get ripped off buying some phony junk that leaves you with nothing but a lighter wallet and feeling like a chump.

Don’t Be Fooled

One really easy way of avoiding getting conned with legal steroids is to avoid any product that has a name similar to a real steroids, but with one letter changed; things like, D-Bal or Winni-V or Anadrole. These are phony, misleading names designed specifically to confuse and deceive the customer.   In some cases they’ll use a real steroid name and add the word “replacement.”  For example “Deca Replacement”  (Yeah, right).  And of course, they’ll be testimonials and before and after pictures.  (As if pictures can’t be easily re-touched on any computer). And the testimonials are just made up. But that’s lying, right?  Yep. And they’re doing right in your face without an ounce or conscience, integrity or regret.  Welcome to world of phony supplement companies.  They take advantage of people looking for a safer alternative to steroids and tell them what they want to hear. But it’s all lies.  How can they get away with this?  In the internet world, it’s difficult to stop people from doing business and  just as difficult to track them down. And even if they are found out, and get shut down, these sleazeball  companies  just  change their website address and start up again until the next time they’re caught. In the interim, they make thousands of dollars bilking people out of their hard earned money.

What’s especially interesting is, despite their outrageous claims,  and even claiming you’ll need “time off” because these legal steroids are so effective  (a pretty slick tactic ), you will never see a listing of ingredients!  That’s because there isn’t anything of any value in them.   They’re total scams.    In some cases, a few  companies will throw some window dressing ingredients and hope that the potential buyer (sucker) is unaware of what some hard to pronounce herb may or may not do.  In other cases, they’re just sugar pills.  This is fraud, plain and simple.  DO NOT be fooled! Always, always, ALWAYS, look at the ingredients.  You may not recognize all of them but if they aren’t listed at all, that’s a sure fire clue that the product is total garbage.

Fake Reviews

Another version of this scam to avoid  are these sites that ave so called “reviews” of certain products that pretend to be unbiased but they’re just put out by a specific company to promote their product.  And it turns out that THEIR product is rated number ONE!  (What a surprise).  These reviews mean nothing and they’re just another example of the depths some of these companies will go to cheat you out of your money.

Another form of legal steroids, (though they may not be so blatant as to call them that)  are products that are made from various herbs and nutrients and admittedly, they can have some value in regard to elevating hormone production. HOWEVER, the claims are  enormously exaggerated.   One company put out an ad that promised an increase in testosterone of 250%.  That means, if your testosterone is a normal 500ngs, it will then be over 125,000 ngs!  Mr. Olympia contenders don’t have a testosterone nearly  that high and they’re on mega doses of pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids.  In fact it’s more than TEN Mr Olympia contestants!  It’s absurd. So again, you have to question the sincerity of any company that proposes  to dupe its customers with outrageous claims.

It’s true that certain herbs are known to promote a slight elevation in testosterone, but what they don’t tell you is that this elevation is very short lived.  So even if you double your testosterone, if it’s only for a hour or so making it basically useless.  You may think it’s “better than nothing”  — perhaps, but it’s doubtful you’ll notice any improvements in performance, strength, stamina or muscle growth or fat loss.  It’ simply too short of a duration for the body to respond. Steroids put the body in an anabolic state around the clock. That’s one of the reason’s they work so well!

Pro-hormones & Pro-Steroids

There are substances that act directly like steroids.  But they’re not  really food supplements. They’re called pro-hormones, or what is technically known  as “pro-steroids.” These products pop up now and then and disappear just as quickly. Why?  Because they’re not really legal, or more accurately, they’re not really natural. They’re essentially drugs that slip under the wire of what is technically regarded as a “supplement.”  What’s interesting about these compounds is that they were originally developed by drug companies — and discarded.  It turns out the side effects far outweigh the benefits.  Therefore the drug companies consider them a failure.  They’re more suppressive than real steroids , so after you use them and maybe get some modest gains, it damages your natural hormonal output. You will no longer produce as much of your own testosterone, which  in turn, results in a loss of whatever you gained  and you’ll get even smaller since you won’t be producing enough testosterone to either hold the gains or even maintain the muscle you already had.  You’ll wind up worse than when you started!  And another fun side effect is that your testicles will atrophy and remain smaller for months.  Not quite worth the trade-off, is it?  But that doesn’t stop some amateur chemists from compiling the ingredients and selling them online.

It’s looking kinda bleak, isn’t it?  It seems like EVERY product that claims to be a legal steroid or a steroid alternative is either hype, a scam, or a health risk.  Hold on.  There are better alternatives.  Believe it or not, some supplement companies actually have knowledgable people who’ve researched and tested hundreds of products and put them through extensive studies.   Obviously the bogus companies with the fake steroids names aren’t even worth addressing, but  even most of the more legitimate ones that sell real ingredients still have it wrong — as well meaning as they may be.  They are attempting to raise testosterone with a compound in the way that steroids do. But no natural product will work like a drug in quite the same way, which means that nothing will add super physiological levels of the testosterone molecule into your system.  But there are ways of increasing one’s own testosterone,  naturally.   And that’s the key.

A Different Approach

A while back a few of the more educated and creative supplement research and developers  took a different approach to testosterone elevation.  And that is, instead of ADDING testosterone, attempt  to increase  one’s OWN testosterone.  After years of experiments, the findings were minimal, and at first it seemed  that nothing would work well enough to make a difference. One  substance that showed promise was something called fadogia agrestis.  This was an exotic  plant product that raised latinized hormone, which in turn increased testosterone. Very clever.  It sounded great on paper, but  unfortunetely the results in the real world weren’t so impressive. The increase in testosterone elevation from increased Luetinizing hormone was very slight.  Nice try though.

Then there was a major breakthrough….

It turns out that not all the testosterone that we produce is metabolically active. In other words, we use just a fraction of what we make. The testosterone that is inert is called “bound testosterone” and the stuff that is active is called ‘Free Testosterone.” It then occurred to certain researchers that if there were something that would make the inactive testosterone available, that would, in turn, increase the individuals testosterone three and fourfold!  And since it’s their own testosterone there would be no side effects or suppression.  A good idea but easier said than done. Then inspiration struck.  The best way to unleash the bound testosterone was to stop the reason is was remaining in an inert state. And that reason is a hormone called  SHBG.  If the SHBG can be lowered, then more natural testosterone would be flowing through your veins.  Well, after years of experimentation, a natural substance was discovered that did just that.  It’s an extract of the arena sativa plant called “AVENACOSIDES.”  And in the proper proportion, it lowered SHBG up to 47% and increased FREE testosterone on the average of  25%!   That’s a significant improvement, on par with a mild steroid cycle!  And it’s entirely free of side effects and suppression.  AVENACOSIDES are the true superstar of natural testosterone elevation. They are genuine “legal steroids.”

Now don’t confuse plain old arena sativa with avenacosides.   A lot of Avena Sativa is just the dried leaves or the stems, which have little to no nutritional value.    It’s the  avenacoside extract (also known as Avenacosides A&B) that work their magic.   Although a few companies have caught on to the power of avenacosides, not all are created equal.  The quality makes all the difference.  It takes a ratio of at least 5% to be effective,  and at a few hundred milligrams.  Some companies use what is called a “propriotory blend” which simply lists the total amount of all the ingredients. That’s a very sneaky way of not having to show how much of the effective ingredient it contains.

The one product that has been shown to be the most effective, the most trusted, and the one used by most  knowledgable experienced bodybuilders is UNLEASHED.  It contains the highest grade AVENACOSIDES A&B at a 7% ratio and a dosage of 500 mgs.  It is VERY powerful stuff.  Yet, it is absolutely free from side effects.

In case study after case study UNLEASHED has been proven to free up dormant testosterone and convert it into the “Free” state.  Suddenly, strength increases, muscles become harder and the anabolic process kicks in allowing for increased muscle growth at a rapid rate.

Along with other factors to make it even more effective. Maura Puma is another herb with the ability to help free bound testosterone. Urtica Diocia helps to keep DHT from forming at the prostate.  Trimethyglicine is a methyl donor which shuttles nutrients and fluids to the cells to maintain maximum strength and size.  Ashwaganda has been used successfully in Ayurveda medicine to increase fertility.  And Xanthoparmillia improves erectile function, and rigidity. Add it all up and you have “steroid-like effects” without any of the down side. In fact, everything is healthy.

So when it comes to choosing a safe steroid supplement, or something that acts like  legal steroids, the choice is clear. No hype. No opinion. It’s a fact.   UNLEASHED is the number one testosterone building supplement.  The ingredients are there for all to see. And it’s the choice of the most experienced bodybuilders for a very good reason.  It works.

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