Masteron is Amazing, But There’s a Natural Alternative That’s Very Close To it.

Anyone familiar with Masteron knows it as a very special steroid.  Yet, the effects can be replicated though natural means.  Perhaps not to quite the same extent, but pretty close, and without the negative side effects. Let’s examine some of the effects of Masteron and make the necessary comparisons.

Though Masteron is often compared to Primobolan in that it produces clean, dry gain without bloat or the fear of aromatization (converting to estrogen) , it is actually the exact opposite of Primobolan.   Primobolan is almost entirely anabolic, meaning, it produces gains by helping to convert protein into tissue muscle. It has a very low androgenic ratio, meaning that the male characteristics associated with testosterone such as aggression, increased libido, and even oily skin are all absent for the most part.

Masteron, on the other hand, is almost entirely androgenic, with little anabolic activity. It provides “hardness” to the muscles and increases libido. But its anabolic activity is low. Consequently, Masteron does not put on a lot of muscle. Interestingly, unlike testosterone, it cannot convert to estrogen. That’s because it’s a derivative of DHT and DHT lowers Sex Hormone Binging Globulin which causes an estrogen spike, so if it’ssuppressed, there’s no estrogen to be made. Masteron can actually lower existing estrogen levels.  (Which may be part of the reason your physique will look harder and dryer).  Because of this distinction, it’s  been used to treat breast cancer patients. (since breast cancer is often the result of too much estrogen forming in the area). That is essentially what is gynecamstia is — a benign tumor made up of excess estrogen.  But even if you don’t have full blown gyno,  men can get puffy fatty deposits around the pecs and you don’t have to be told — it’s not a great look!

But, back to the awesomeness of Masteron and what you can use that acts like it.

Although Masteron doesn’t produce big muscle gains, nor are they especially long lasting,  the quality of muscle while on  is nothing short of amazing.  Masteron also stops the production of fat particles in the body while building lean muscle at the same time. This makes Masteron popular in the bodybuilding community as a muscle defining drug with few side effects seen in other steroids. Masteron users report that due to lack of water retention while taking this drug, their muscles feel full and tight. Masteron is also excellent for increasing FREE testosterone.  That is the bioavailable version of testosterone that is active in the bloodstream and imparts all the positive effects. So in a way, Masteron is the “pulp” of testosterone. It’s more potent, more concentrated and without many of the negative side effects. A pretty good deal.

Though it is popular in the bodybuilding and athletic community, this drug is that is on the expensive side and often difficult to find.  It is  not manufactured by any American pharmaceutical companies therefore it’s a good bet to expect anything that is purchased over the internet is going to be a bootleg lab version and in that case, the quality, purity and dosing is always suspect.

Masteron comes in both the propionate and enanthate form. In general, the enanthate seems preferable because it is longer lasting, but with Masteron, it’s the propionate version that is more popular, seemingly because Masteron is best utilized the way it was intended — to be fast acting with a short half life. And that’s one of the drawbacks about Masteron — it doesn’t stay in your system more than a few days and shortly after stopping its use, the effects wear off quickly.

One other unfortunate side effect of Masteron is that it increases blood pressure. That’s a big one.  For the most part, Masteron is so mild you may start to think you can stay on it almost non-stop. But that increase in hypertension is not to be taken lightly. It’s uncertain exactly why it does this. Testosterone in higher dosage will raise blood pressure slightly but Masteron, perhaps because it’s pure androgen just does it to a more extreme level, and that’s it’s biggest drawback. You have to be really careful with both dosage and duration.

One might say that Masteron is a “cosmetic” drug in that it just gives a great appearance to the physique without generating lasting gains, but that’s not really true. Masteron also provides a big boost in strength, and THAT can be utilized toward training harder and heavier and that will, in turn, result in greater gains.

So what can give the same results naturally?  Well, the only way for that to happen would  if a natural compound implemented the same pathways as Masteron.  In other words, it would have to decrease Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which prevents estrogen fat buildup, plus increase FREE testosterone resulting in harder muscles, increased libido and greater strength. A tall order. But there is just one supplement that does exactly that.  UNLEASHED.

UNLEASHED is a one of a kind supplement that works in very much the way Masteron works.  It lowers Sex Hormone Binging Globulin, thus increasing FREE testosterone and lowering estrogen. In turn, it increases strength, muscle hardness, and  libido.  Also like Masteron, the effects are present only while it is in the system so it does have to be taken on a regular basis to obtain full, ongoing benefits. But unlike Masteron it does not  cause an increase in blood pressure, so it’s 100% safe to take.  (Though it is recommended to take a one week break every 2 months of being on).

Ever since the release of UNLEASHED, it’s been considered an “Underground Secret Weapon” of sorts in that, although it doesn’t have the “health food store presence” of the more highly advertised products designed for newcomers , it’s a staple among experienced bodybuilders.  They know it’s a winner and they keep coming back for more. In one study it increased the  FREE testosterone of participants up to 25%.  In another  independent study, UNLEASHED has been shown to increase strength lifts an average of 19%.  Along the way, almost everyone reports an increase in sex drive.  Much like  Masteron, it isn’t a big bulk builder, there’s also a general increase in weight — most likely since it shifts the muscle to fat ratio and muscle weighs more than fat.

Harder muscles, greater strength and sky high sex drive without side effects and at a good price.  If that sounds good , you may want to give UNLEASHED a try.