The Perfect Recipe For Results

I have received great feedback from a customer that uses my Protein Factory products and loves the gains he is making with them.  

Look, here is the thing about Protein Factory. For 20 years, I’ve never tried to sell anyone on marketing bullshit. The sports nutrition industry is notorious for trying to sell people their supplements using professional bodybuilders that clearly take tons of gear and other drugs and then attribute those gains to the supplements, not disclosing their drug use. (honestly, I think this type of marketing should have some disclaimer attached to it). Then, of course, the before and after pictures that were immensely popular, what a scam that was!  

Protein powder is nothing more than QUALITY, CONVENIENT FOOD! The truth is that frequent exercise and good nutrition produce results. That was my stance when I was battling with the FDA trying to keep my protein customization business alive.

And I’ve said this 1,000 times. The better protein you consume, the better results you will have.  

Food scientists did not create the DIAA for nothing. For they know that the better quality protein that is consumed, the more nitrogen that is retained, which leads to a higher muscle protein synthesis. 

With good nutrition and exercise come the results. You will experience a change if your physique and health just by doing this. It is inevitably.

Bottom line: Protein Factory sells the highest quality food powders in the world. People use them and get the results that their genetics will give them. No bullshit steroid monsters trying to convince people to use my products. I know they are the best because I literally search the Earth for them and supply them to you.

What you get out of them is up to you and your genetics. I NEVER promise gains of muscle or loss of fat. Here is what I said recently to a customer who wanted a refund because he did not see the RESULTS he was looking for with his purchase.

I told him this, “I can promise you that what you received is the best product on the face of the Earth. What you get out of it is not up to me, nor do I ever make any claims of muscle gains or fat loss. My guarantee is in the quality. To make marketing claims based on how much muscle one will gain or how much fat one will lose is irresponsible and is something I don’t believe in or practice”.

Then just the other day a customer purchased my products and sent me this excellent text message. ( see screen shots below) He took my advice and bought the products that I recommended. Not only that but he intermittents fasts and trains hard.  


Train 2-3 times per week at the minimum.

Use Protein Factory products.

Avoid the following

  • sugar
  • soy
  • artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colors
  • fried foods
  • nitrates
  • maltodextrin and dextrose (for the most part)
  • chemicals applied to the body (sunscreen, make up, perfumes and colognes, deodorants, and toothpaste.
  • foods cooked on aluminum, and non stick, (only use stainless steel and iron)
  • take an anti-cancer supplement or food.

Below is the text message the customer sent me…