The Most Important & Crucial Thing When Buying A Supplement & This Is Mandatory is setting the standard for quality supplements.  My company knows more about quality control than 99% of the supplement companies out there.  Quality is not just about “saying” that you follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) or that you are certified this or certified that…NSF is a big one but that is all bullshit too (in my opinion of course).  All these companies talk so much about quality manufacturing it’s redundant.  My favorite scam is the FDA approved facility scam.  Let me make one thing clear.


Here is an example of a company claiming FDA approved.

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Every freakin’ supplement company says that they make quality supplements, however not many of them do.  It is very easy to prove if they are indeed making quality supplements that they say they are making.   You simply call them up and ask them for one little measly piece of paper.

A 3rd Party Lab Analysis of the Lot # that you purchased.

It is that simple.  Forget what they tell you over the phone, forget their excuses of why they can’t give it to you. Forget the proprietary information that they’ll throw at you.  It’s all to keep you from seeing if they manufactured the product to meet label claims and if they care!  Every quality supplement MUST have a 3rd party lab analysis proving that what they say is on the label is in the container or jug.  If they do not give it to you, don’t buy it. It only means that the company selling the product has never tested it to make sure that the company that made it for them, made it accurately.  Because remember, supplement companies do not make their own products, 99 out of 100 times, a contract packager or blender will make it for them.  And a lot of times these contract manufacturers are trying to make money. Why? Manufacturers are told what price point they need to meet, how many units and are then told well if you can’t meet that price point, we’ll try another manufacturer. So manufacturers need to stay in business and will take the job. Sometimes, these manufacturers make as low as $1.00 per unit once it is all said and done depending on how aggressive the purchasing company is.  They know that the company whom they are making the product for is not auditing them (which under the 21 CFR 111’s enacted by the FDA is mandated).  Thus they’ll cheat them.  How do you think DMMA got made (a product that allegedly killed people, it was made by a contract packager…USPlabs is not the only dirty one..the company that made it for them is just as guilty).  Who do you think made all the pro-hormones?  Essentially which are steroids made in China…shipped here and then packaged…contract manufacturers.

My company…, we have a 3rd party lab analysis for ALL of our products.  Anyone is welcome to see them.  We don’t make excuses of WHY you can’t see them.  We prove to you our quality not by spinning you marketing material, but by one simple way.  A simple piece of paper called a 3rd party lab analysis.

I suggest you do this will all supplements…not just powders but pills as well.  Especially fat burners and testosterone products.