The Top 10 Innovators In Sports Nutrition

The following is a list of the top 10 most innovative people in sports nutrition.  This list comprises of people whom have had an impact in the world of supplements for muscle building purposes.

1)  Jerry Brainum.  

jerry brainum

He writes some of the best articles on supplements.  Jerry has been around the bodybuilding and the sports nutrition world for a while.  His articles are truthful, honest and cutting edge.  He’ll tell you flat out which supplements work, which supplements don’t work, and which supplements are flat out scams.  I highly suggest subscribing to his website.

He writes some of the best articles on supplements.  Jerry has been around the bodybuilding and the sports nutrition world for a while.  His articles are truthful, honest and cutting edge.  I highly suggest subscribing to his website called

2.  Nelson Montana

His first book entitled, “The Truth About Bodybuilding” is a must read.  It is a very easy to read book about bodybuilding and gives you the “foundation” on bodybuilding.  Nelson has written some of the best articles on supplements and how to use them.

3.  Anthony Roberts

Author of some great articles on supplements.  If you Google his name you can find his articles written on bodybuilding websites and  He knows a lot about supplement law, the federal government, and gets great insider info on the supplement industry.  Well worth following on social media.

4.  Alex Rogers

Yea I had to put myself in here….I invented customized protein which gave people the ability to make their own protein supplements. That in itself was a game changer in the supplement industry.  I was the first to bring many new proteins to the market such as Peptopro, bovine serum, ultra low molecular weight average hydrolyzed whey, the first to instantize whey protein without soy lecithin and many more.

5.  Dr. Carlon Colker

One of the world’s best doctors on supplements.  Stellar resume in helping many professional athletes perform better.  Dr. Colker played a huge part in the use of ephedra as a dietary supplement for fat loss.  He owns Peak Wellness in CT.  

I read his book all the time to refresh my lifting.  I highly recommend it.  Its called Extreme Muscle Enhancement


6.  Will Brink

Writes very good articles about supplements.  His earlier work included some of the best articles on whey protein.  Talks straight up and truthful.  You can go to to get his free books and stuff.


7.  Dr. Majeed

Dr. Majeed owns the patent for well over 80 raw materials that can be made into supplements.  What I like about Dr. Majeed is that he control where the herbs and supplements are grow and the entire quality control process for these supplements.  Supplements like tumeric, Forslean, and more.

8.  Anthony Almada.

One of the founders of EAS (when it was a great supplement company).  They brought to the market creatine.  Which, you should know is still one of the best if not THE best supplement ever created.

9.  Phillip Connelly

I’m not sure if Phillip Connelly was the first person to ever commerically market whey protein, but I’m almost sure.  It was a long time ago.  But Phillip Connelly was one of the first guys to sell whey protein.  Not sure where he is now..his website is kinda “dead” looking.

10.  Patrick Arnold

One of the only people that still creates ORIGINAL supplements.  You might know him as being the “father of prohormones”.  Long history in the supplement industry.  I would try to follow him on Facebook.  I believe he has a supplement company, that is dealing with keto supplements.

Honorable mention

Dan Duchaine

The original supplement guru.  I would recommend reading his material if you can find it.  It dates back to the 90’s.  He has a book called Bodyopus that is a good read as well.

Keep in mind this list above is not about nutrition, fitness, or weight lifting.  It is about supplements.  There are 1,000’s of nutrition/fitness experts out there.  They write books, give workout plans, tell you what to eat, and tell you how much to eat. In addition, they will recommend what supplements to use.  Most of the time they even recommend brands to use.  But these recommendations of brands are not based on quality control and testing.  You’ll notice when one of these nutrition experts recommends a supplement, they never talk about 3rd party testing or the FDA CFR 111’s.  Ninety-nine percent of nutrition experts have no idea about how to find quality supplements.  They have no clue about how supplements are manufactured.  They have no idea about quality control, testing, batch records and tests like strength, identity, and composition.   These factors are the keys to a good quality supplement.

In addition this list is not about social media hero’s.  Social media hero’s have nothing to do with quality supplements and innovation.

As far as more RECENT innovators in the supplement industry.  I do not know of anyone active in the supplement industry that is doing anything that is cutting edge.

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